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Linyi city ccpit work report to the provincial capital docking

Date:2023-08-26  Hits:25

On August 3, of linyi in shandong province party secretary, President of ccpit segment XiaoLi led to ccpit reported docking work. In shandong province party secretary, President of ccpit Meng Xiangdong, shu-qing Yang, director of the office, the vice secretary of the committee Liu Hanyi, secondary research, shandong, secretary general of the international chamber of commerce shan-shan wei to attend the discussion.

Period of ccpit XiaoLi firstly introduces linyi city in the first half of 2023 working situation and in the second half of a plan, and the security exhibition planning, trade promotion party construction and functions of county construction has carried on the detailed report.

Meng Xiangdong of linyi city trade promotion job gave high recognition. He said that in recent years, the linyi city ccpit based on actual, play advantage, around the center, an innovative commercial legal services, ZuZhan exhibitions and external liaison and so on a series of work, achieved good results, the cause of the provincial trade promotion made a positive contribution to the development of high quality. The next step, the province ccpit will continue to strengthen the support of local trade promotion work, further promote the implementation of trade promotion system "chess" thought, also hope to continuously optimize the service mode of linyi ccpit, effective utilization of system resources advantage, make contributions to the province's high levels of opening to the outside together.

Linyi city party deputy secretary and vice President of ccpit Guo Mingde, junan county ccpit chairman Chen bo and related personnel to join.

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