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Linyi city ccpit to linyi poly international trade co., LTD. Research

Date:2023-08-26  Hits:20

For the further implementation of the "about building in the city the wind of the investigation and study of the implementation of the plan, promote trade promotion work better service enterprises, 10 August afternoon, the city party secretary, President of ccpit segment XiaoLi line to linyi poly international trade co., LTD. Visit research activities.

Research, poly international trade co., LTD. Qing-li zhao, general manager of the company's development and business was introduced, the municipal ccpit has for years been concerned about the company development, many times to help the company solve difficulties and problems in the development of thanks. At the same time, and improve the business environment, and vigorously support the development of small micro enterprise problems and advice are put forward.

XiaoLi said, poly company as linyi lu of the international chamber of commerce member companies, in entrepreneurship, social responsibility, the respect such as support for trade promotion work has played a positive role, fully display the linyi the development of the international chamber of commerce member enterprise vitality. Next, ccpit will continue to play a "unicom" inside and outside of the enterprise, financing flow supply and demand function advantage, based on the help bail out companies, enterprises, effectively solve the problem timely feedback, and member companies together to linyi economy development in high quality.

City shuang-cheng wang, vice chairman of the party member, ccpit and authority related business department office director to join.