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Commercial industry ccpit to linyi city research committee

Date:2023-08-26  Hits:51
On August 2, commercial industry committee conference, vice minister of ccpit Li Yuan one line to the our city research, communicate with linyi pet supplies industry entrepreneurs. Shandong svejk, Nike, pet supplies, pet supplies little urchin (shandong) biological science and technology, and his pet food, rich in shandong to mi biological science and technology, the relevant person in charge of linyi city pet industry association, vice minister of China international chamber of commerce in shandong province chamber of commerce convention Li Tong, municipal ccpit shuang-cheng wang, vice chairman of the party member, to participate in the discussion.

Symposium, Li Yuan introduces the commercial industry related situation of ccpit, around 2023 China international electricity industry exposition and Indonesia product exhibition, made entitled "after the outbreak time of southeast Asia emerging market opportunities for development, share the wonderful.

Participate in discussion of entrepreneurs on the pet products industry in zhuhai development present situation, the prospects and existing difficulties, and the sea related question has carried on the foreign trade face to face communication.

Li Tong and shuang-cheng wang said, will continue to implement the ccpit "national trade promotion system a chess game, at home and abroad chess" instructions, give full play to "unicom" inside and outside of the enterprise, financing, smooth supply and demand function advantage, more measures simultaneously, boost the pet products industry in zhuhai enterprise better and faster development.

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