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Wow!!!! Linyi city first certificate of free sale issued by ccpit

Date:2023-08-26  Hits:17
On August 25, the municipal ccpit for shandong xin le care products co., LTD., one copy issued by the ccpit certificate of free sale, this is since June by ccpit authorization to carry out this business since I first certificate issued. The certificate application by the enterprise, after I'll commercial certification business personnel guidance, strictly controlled, through the "green channel" instant transferred to it enterprise get the certificate at the scene. With this certificate, the company produces the product can be directly sold to the united Arab emirates markets. The copy of certificate issued by success, also marks the business will be carried out in our city official.

For carrying out comprehensively deepen reform, enlarge commercial business functions, help enterprises to exploit the international market, the municipal ccpit apply to ccpit for independent in June this year issued by ccpit free sales certificate business and get authorization. Free sales certificate is issued by the relevant national authorities for the enterprise related products can be in a specific area of free sales certificate, is the most authoritative global free trade certificate. Certificate of free sale as a third party that helps importers customs clearance of goods, promote the deal, products overseas market access to register and obtain the country of import. Ccpit certificate of free sale, in addition to paper official certificate, enterprise can also download the electronic certificate and query authenticity, convenient enterprise safe use certificate at any time and place.

The next step, the municipal ccpit will continue to display the function of trade and investment promotion, further enrich the business types, improve service convenience degree, improve the quality of service benefit, for zhuhai enterprises to exploit new markets, seize new opportunities.

Municipal ccpit commercial certification consultation telephone: 0539-8726621

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