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Oman will also visit linyi ccpit

Date:2023-08-26  Hits:52

On August 23, also will be the standing President of Oman, Oman, President of China wholesale city Zhang Aiji line visit I will communicate and discussion. The city party secretary, President of ccpit XiaoLi for guests and discussion.

Discussion exchange, Zhang Aiji might be, I will always give intellectual businessman Oman Oman China wholesale city support help thanks. , he says, since this year, with the help of the ccpit linyi, Oman will also actively promote and linyi mall general chamber of commerce, linyi city zhejiang federation of Chambers of commerce, linyi wholesalers, association and enterprise exchanges and cooperation and remarkable achievements. At present, has organized the city four batches, 26 enterprises in Oman, with 12 enterprises reached intent in Oman wholesale city, the first batch of hardware, labor insurance and building materials products plan by the end of the month to Oman, value of nearly 1 million yuan. Recently, shandong linyi mall chamber of commerce and the new building materials technology co., LTD. And part of the ceramic enterprises will also visit Oman, Oman also will elaborate investigation activities, to increase service security work, to ensure that our city enterprise in the investigation to obtain actual effect. Next, Oman also will continue to strengthen contact with ccpit docking linyi, linyi city trade promotion is to continue to concern and support of Oman intellectual businessman, Oman wholesale city development in China.

Section XiaoLi welcomed Zhang Aiji line, she pointed out that Oman also will act as a province, one of the first batch of ccpit construction international intellectual businessman will in linyi and Oman played an important role in economic and trade exchanges, ccpit and Oman would also work early close, linyi achieved positive results. Since this year, Oman also will actively lead the city walk out of enterprises and products, in line with the construction of the municipal party committee of international mall development and deployment, overseas mall construction development to boost growth, foreign trade plays an important role in the development pattern of building new forms of linyi ccpit as trade and investment promotion agencies, will "also officer also people" unique advantages into full play, actively build Bridges, deepen exchanges and cooperation with Oman intellectual businessman will explore new measures, can be copied to promote constantly inspire new zhuhai companies of foreign trade growth momentum.

During the meeting, the two sides also will set up the linyi international chamber of commerce liaison office in Oman, Oman linyi commodity exhibition, set up the city import and export industry association, etc. Carried on the thorough discussion.

City party deputy secretary and vice President of ccpit Guo Mingde comrade and center to participate in the discussion.

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