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Linyi Zhongguancun Software Park

Date:2015-12-23  Hits:994

Driven by 2013, in the high-end equipment manufacturing industry, software industry "One heavy, one Light" two leading industries, Linyi Economic & Technological Development Zone business income exceeded 1000 billion yuan success among the billion Park ranks.

Seize the opportunity of the Western uplift belt

In the first quarter of this year, Linyi economic and Technological Development Zone above scale industrial output value of 17 billion 500 million yuan, an increase of 27.5%, the total revenue of 31 billion 500 million yuan to complete the business, an increase of 36%, the total industrial economy continues to lead Linyi.

Since last year, Linyi Economic & Technological Development Zone, grab catch the uplift in the west zone development opportunities. In the optimization and adjustment of industrial structure, high-end equipment manufacturing, software industry "One heavy, one Light" two leading industries, find toward the core power of hundreds of billions of industrial park.

Within the broad campus of Shandong Lingong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., can be seen everywher, "efficiency first technology leading" tagline. "This is not only a slogan, we do this all the time. In terms of energy saving products, enterprise from August 2009 to the community launched a series of products, to November 2011 has launched the second generation of products, reached more than 20% energy saving industry leading level, 2012 and in vibration, noise comfort of key technologies on made a major breakthrough." Yu Peng, director of the office of the company said.

"A heavy": the first "uplift"

Linyi Economic and Technological Development Zone as the Linyi Economic Development Pilot Zone, industrial economic development of the main battlefield, industrial economic development has begun to take shape, especially to construction machinery industry as the representative of the high-end equipment manufacturing industry plays a very important role in Linyi City six leading industries.

Build adjacent edge heights, high-end equipment manufacturing the first "uplift". At present, the region have all kinds of construction machinery manufacturing enterprises more than 75, which enterprises above Designated Size reached 55. Initially formed in Shandong Lingong, Volvo Construction machinery, mountain reconstructed machine, Liugong machinery, China heavy machine production enterprises as a leader, to Lingong Jinli, Shengdai machinery, Dexin machinery, Zhengda Machinery etc. supporting enterprises to support the engineering machinery industry cluster.

"State of the urbanization development strategy is proposed, the high-end equipment manufacturing industry has a steady growth in market demand, a large number of under construction or new major projects, will effectively stimulate the rapid development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry." the district economic development services, deputy director of the Bureau of Shen Yingping analysis. At the same time, in the uplift in the West Zone "development strategy clear support of Linyi to build the country's major equipment manufacturing base, Linyi Economic & Technological Development Zone of high-end equipment manufacturing industry development provides rare opportunities for development.

"Light": to create innovative agglomeration heights

Since last year, those of economic and Technological Development Zone, Linyi visit them, is located in Hefei Road, building a unique style of circular building attracted. This circular building is Indian software industry park project of the main part of the project, R & D center building.

On April 5, the reporter saw at the construction site, the R & D center building are doing the final decoration, the workers are planting trees. Linyi Top Network Company, general manager of the company Wang Lanbao told reporters and software park immediately put into use, there have been three Indian software companies settled. "We hired 45 Indian software engineers in the development of software parks, some of them have settled down in the Linyi."

According to reports, the Indian software industry park by the Linyi Top Network Company and international well-known IT companies in India the SRM group cooperation, in accordance with the international first-class standard and model to simulate the concept of the wisdom of the city, using advanced networking, wireless sensor technology construction.

"Projects with a total investment of 3 billion yuan, construction area of 11 million square meters, the park after operation can be to achieve an annual output value of 20 billion yuan. To create a cloud computing service center, high-end international talent talent service center and business development services center three platform as the focal point, the goal is to built the city's software industry innovation agglomeration heights." Wang Lanbao introduced said

The establishment of Sino India software industry park, economic and Technological Development Zone, Linyi guide industrial restructuring case. While maintaining its traditional equipment manufacturing industry advantage at the same time, economic and Technological Development Zone, Linyi adhere to innovation leads to the structural adjustment, to speeding up industrial upgrading, to software driven economic development, the establishment of the Linyi City high and new technology enterprise incubator center, science and technology development center, biomedical, pharmaceutical science and technology R & D center research and development platform, more than 60 enterprises and institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutions established the cooperation relationship, 75% of the enterprises to set up technology and R & D center.

At present, in Linyi Economic & Technological Development Zone planning area of 12 square kilometers of Linyi Software Park, gathered the Hui Pu Software Park, science department of Pioneer Park, machine off Software Park, India and China International Software Park, Shanghai Shengfeng Software Park, Tsinghua Tongfang blue information Hong, Huang Shan culture, such as silicon Valley seven big software park, software R & D enterprises to break through 60, has been rated as "China cooperative innovation demonstration base", "national level science and technology business incubator.

"At the end of last year, Linyi Software Park smoothly upgraded to the provincial software industry park," said Chang Fei, deputy director of the Development Zone, said.