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Trade and Logistics Fair

Date:2015-12-31  Hits:938

China (Linyi) Internatio<em></em>nal Trade and Logistics Fair

Logo of China (Linyi) International Trade and Logistics Fair

China (Linyi) International Trade and Logistics Fair (the Fair) is a unique national brand exposition featuring “market trading, trade and logistics”. Four sessions of the Fair have been held since the first one in 2010. The last four sessions saw a total of more than 20,000 booths, nearly a million participants and transactions of over 20 billion yuan. Among other things, during the fourth session alone, 44,000 professional buyers from around the world and 410,000 visitors (person/time) attended the fair. The buyers purchased 6.25 billion yuan of commodities in both Linyi Trading City and the Fair. The success of the Fair has played a positive role in opening to the outside world and economic social development of Linyi City.

The fifth session of the Fair is divided into eight sections: import Commodities Exhibition Area, Wood Products Exhibition Area, Machinery & Equipment Exhibition Area, Kitchenware & Plumbing Exhibition Area, E-Commerce & Logistics Exhibition Area, Hardware & Labor Protection Exhibition Area, Lighting Exhibition Area, and Tea Arts & Crafts Exhibition Area. The venues of the Fair shall cover 160,000 sqm, and comprise 5,000 international standard boots. During the Fair, a number of events including the opening ceremony, 2014 China (Linyi) International Sourcing Fair, 2014 E-Commerce and Logistics Development Forum, Investment Promotion Conference shall be held. A series of events such as purchasing meetings, new product launch meetings, etc. shall be convened