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Linshu Binhai high tech Industrial Zone

Date:2015-12-23  Hits:917

The planning and construction of coastal zone is located in Linshu county 6 km east, is located in Linyi City, Rizhao, Lianyungang city border, is located in Lunan Economic Belt in the southeastern and the core position of the bridgehead of the new Eurasian Continental, 327 national road is faced on the west, north of long deep high entrance, South Shen Jia Dian Cun, Dongzhi Li Cheng Cun, planning area of 22.8 square kilometers (3.42 million acres).

Function partition

One, according to the current situation of economic development and economic development of Linshu County, Binhai Development Zone, a total of the following functions:

1, modern enterprise hatching area planning area of 10000 mu. Improve the Development Zone Construction of infrastructure and municipal facilities, construction of high standard workshop norms, companies only need to pay part of the rent to be admitted, reduces the enterprise investment premise; government in capital, technology, information, and other aspects of support, the import enterprises bigger and stronger; the can to the enterprise for centralized management, reduce the burden on enterprises, raise land utilization rate, reduce the pollution of the environment.

2, the modern service center area planning area of 10000 mu. Modern service center is for the production of various functions, such as administrative, tax, finance, law, information, catering, conference and exhibition, training and other functions.

3, warehousing and logistics area planning area of 10000 mu. In warehousing and logistics as the main function of the park, the region divided for storage of goods and passenger transport two parts. The storage of the goods is divided into: office area, the vehicle storage area, vehicle repair area, standard container area, living goods storage area, production supplies store, agricultural and sideline products storage; passenger and freight part includes passenger and freight passenger including economic district staff to work, worker children of primary and middle school students, travel and other aspects of the passenger car; including cargo goods, shipping, storage, information services and so on.

4, simple processing zone is using more convenient traffic conditions, combined with the surrounding large enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises, improve the simple processing service, of exotic goods or to send the goods are disassembled and assembled, labels, packaging and other aspects of the processing zone.

5, industrial production is divided into a class industrial zone, the second industrial area and industrial area. A class of industrial land to residential and public facilities, etc. the basic environment without interference and pollution of industrial land such as electronic industry, sewing crafts manufacturing industry. The second class of industrial land to residential and public facilities and other environmental interference and pollution industries such as food industry, medicine manufacturing industry, textile industry and other land. Three kind of notice for industrial use, the residential and public facilities and other environmental serious interference and pollution industries such as metallurgy industry, large and medium-sized machinery manufacturing industry, chemical industry, paper industry, leather industry, building material industry, etc. .

6, supporting the construction of life service areas to facilitate the construction of the basic facilities for workers to rest and living in the area is to build economic zone residents and workers living in the building, including residential, commercial, financial, green and other facilities.

7, ecological conservation area has no environmental resources, productivity, with the purpose of environmental protection, the principle of protection of water resources, ecological conservation area planning. Shuanglong Lake reservoir is tens of thousands of people in the dragon town drinking water source, in Shuanglong Lake reservoir planning around a ranging from 200-500 meters of ecological conservation, can purify and protection of water sources.

8, wood (bamboo and rattan wood and grass processing zone, food processing, bio pharmaceutical area combined with Linshu resource advantages, achieve the deep processing of products, increase the added value, form the advantage industry of Linshu.

9, equipment manufacturing, resource recovery and waste using industrial zone, combined with the current national policies to stimulate the economy, the national long-term energy-saving emission reduction and resource recycling utilization policy, set to take advantage of resource recycling, waste recycling, the nearest resource utilization of equipment manufacturing processing zone.