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Chang Linzhu high-end equipment manufacturing Industrial Park

Date:2015-12-23  Hits:920

Shandong Chang Linzhu high-end equipment manufacturing industrial park planning


Equipment manufacturing industry is the industry leader in the industry, has high industry correlation, high market demand, high employment, high technology content, high value-added characteristics, is one of the leading industries in industrialized countries. At present, the equipment industry in our county has been presented industrial agglomeration, the park hosts, fusion, high-end extension momentum of development, the emergence of a Changlin group, Carter heavy industry leading enterprises such as, based on high-end independent hydraulic advantage, aimed to create a strong influence on the high-end equipment manufacturing industry base havin in the province and even in China, vigorously promote the county comprehensive competitive force, this plan is formulated.

First, the status quo and the situation faced by the industry (a)

1, significantly expanded the scale of industrial clusters, support pulling effect obvious. 2009, our county's equipment manufacturing 44.2 billion total industrial output value, to achieve the main business income of 40.3 million yuan, profit of 160 million yuan, paid taxes of $43.7 million, respectively, accounted for 17.7% of the County Industrial Enterprises above Designated Size, 16.3%, 12.6% and 9.7%, and among them. In Shandong Changlin high-end equipment manufacturing industrial park planning area of Chang Lin group, lishide machinery, Carter heavy industry 3 enterprises output value of 30.2 billion yuan, achieved sales revenues of 27.8 billion yuan, profit of 1.3 billion yuan, Don't occupy 74.9% of the whole industry, 69%, 81.3%.

2, part of the products in the same industry in a dominant position. Production of walking tractors has accounted for 30% of the country, large and medium-sized hydraulic excavator sales accounted for about 3% of the domestic market, boring machine, mining machinery in the domestic industry in the leading position.

3, and further optimize the industrial system. Developed from the primary agricultural machinery production become to precision casting based high-end equipment hydraulic parts as the core, to large engineering machinery and agricultural machinery as the leading industrial chain system, supporting collaborative relationship further enhanced.

4, technological innovation capability has been markedly enhanced. At present, a total of high-tech enterprises 2, has built a provincial enterprise technology center 2, municipal enterprise technology center 2, since 2008, a total of 33 new products, new technology through the province through the identification and acceptance of the letter to the committee, hydraulic SC330.7 digging digging machine and 6 units (sets) technology and equipment were province by letter Committee identified as priority areas of Shandong Province the first Taiwan (sets) technology and equipment, EBZ35 boring machine is national Ministry of science and technology and other ministries identified as state-level key new products.

5, the problems. Our county's equipment manufacturing although has obtained the considerable development, but compared with the domestic advanced regions, there is also a large gap, outstanding performance: Little total products supporting rate is low; technology innovation level is not high, small number of original technology and products, a small proportion of the high and new technology products, lack of the famous brand products with strong international competitiveness; to support and promote the industry structure optimization and upgrading of the enterprises with less; lack of major technical equipment, independent research and development and manufacturing capabilities, the average enterprise technology development costs of the investment accounted for the proportion of the main business income of on the low side.

(two) facing the situation.

1. It is imperative to restructure. In the market forced booster mechanism, structural adjustment, eliminate backward to accelerate the pace of. Have the strength of enterprises will seize the opportunity to take advantage of the superior policy, actively undertake domestic equipment manufacturing industry transfer, go out integration and restructuring of foreign related enterprises and research institutions, weak competitiveness of enterprises will exit the market.

Policy support efforts to increase. Countries introduced the equipment manufacturing industry restructuring and revitalization of the planning and equipment industry technical progress and technical transformation investment direction, and high-end equipment manufacturing listed as a strategic emerging industry, the introduction of a series of supporting policies, in the project approval, construction project, funded Jin Baozhang, taxation, personnel, give more support and development environment unprecedented optimization.

Two, guiding ideology, principles and objectives

(a) the guiding ideology: by planning a high starting point, high standard construction and management of high level and high efficiency operation, and actively absorb to undertake the transfer of industries at home and abroad, according to the regional planning, large industrial building, large group to lead, large projects to promote ideas, promote informatization and industrialized fusion, combining the introduction and innovation, efforts to promote equipment manufacturing industry to internationalization, cluster, digital, flexible, intelligent direction, the Shandong Changlin high-end equipment manufacturing industrial park to build a model of high-end equipment industrial agglomeration area, talent agglomeration and domestic first-class high-end equipment manufacturing industry of new industrialization demonstration base.

(two) principle and principle

1, insist on the combination of cluster development and system integration. Around the equipment manufacturing industry has a high degree of association, industry convergence strong, according to the objective law of the industry and the development of the industry, a variety of factors of production to the advantage of industry, enterprise agglomeration, support the formation of industry in the development of large enterprises and small and medium enterprises closely, the complementary function of the organizational structure of enterprises, enhance industrial agglomeration function, improve the degree of industrial organization and industrial scale competition.

2, insist on the combination of intensive development and energy saving and environmental protection, strengthen the intensive use of resources, focus on the development of low consumption of resources, promote the significant benefits of the industry, optimize the allocation of resources, improve the quality of industrial development.

3, insist on promoting industrialization and promote the combination of information. Insist on the use of information technology to enhance the performance of high-end equipment, quality and added value, promote flexible high-end equipment manufacturing, digital and intelligent; promote industry, high-end equipment in industrial design, manufacturing, production and management modernization.

4, adhere to the science and technology innovation and implementation industrialization combined. Actively participate in the international division of labor and cooperation, make full use of global innovation resources, adhere to the high starting point to enter, cultivating high standard, efficient development, in the most basic, most eligible to establish core technology platform, made breakthroughs in a number of core and key technologies, and control the relevant intellectual property rights. Intensify policy support and guidance and coordination efforts, create and give full play to the role of high-quality talent team, accelerate the transformation of innovation achievements, and promote the progress of industrialization.