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Linyi Lingang Economic Development Zone Industrial Park

Date:2015-12-23  Hits:1280

Linyi port economic development zone is located in Linyi City, the eastern, established in 2010 10 menstrual approved by the provincial government. 4 under the jurisdiction of the town, 15 administrative villages, population of 20 million, with a total area of 365 square kilometers. In China's north-south transition zone climate, the annual average temperature of 12.7, average precipitation was mm, moist air, four seasons, have many advantages to invest.

Geographical advantage. Port District East Yellow Sea, bordering new port city of Rizhao, south of Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province, west of Linyi mall in the core position of the new Eurasian continental bridgehead is Subei Lunan coastal port hinterland, the forefront of Lingang Economic Development in Linyi city.

Advantage of the ecological environment. Port District Shanhai dependencies, Tazono Xiumi, beautiful scenery, the CAI Gou, Yunmeng Mountain, Jiazi mountain, Lushan natural attractions and tea, blueberry, cherry, and other agricultural sightseeing garden. Within the territory of the Dragon King River, embroidery needle river flows in all season, Bibo Qinglian, straight into the Yellow Sea. "The city in the mountains, the mountains have water offshore natural environment, ecological livable ideals.

Highway traffic environment advantage. Port area traffic is very convenient, "sea,rail,airline,high-speed,road" three-dimensional transportation network extending in all directions. District and the surrounding seven ports from zhe Wang Hong seven kilometers, Lanshan Port 20 km Landbridge port 20 kilometers, Rizhao Port 50 km, Lianyungang 80 kilometers, Dong ieguchi port 90 kilometers, Qingdao Port 200 km); three railway (Yanzhou Shijiu, Ping - Arashiyama, Jinzhong Southern Railway Line); three Airport (from Linyi 70 km, Lianyungang 70 kilometers, Qingdao, 200 kilometers), six high-speed (Zao LAN, Shenhai, Beijing and Shanghai, long and deep, Nitto, Jinan Qingdao); a LAN Ji Lu.

July the predecessor of Sun Bin of books for the humanities environmental advantage. Harbor district cultural and historical heritage. The existing spring and Autumn Warring States period Guiguzi temple, Sun Bin slim hole. The Ming Dynasty, Ping town tractor Miao Cun, anti Japanese national hero boring Jiaqing Huangdi royal assent. The revolutionary war years, the older generation revolutionist Luo Ronghuan, Xiaohua, Gu Mu was here fighting life, still preserved Shandong wartime to promote the work of the Committee (provincial government) site in 1957, October, Chairman Mao Zedong made glorious instructions: "Yugongyishan, the transformation of China, Li Jia Zhai is a good example." in 1992, Jiang Zemin, general secretary of the inspection flat glass factory, and gladly problem The word.

Policy environment superiority. Provincial Party committee, the provincial government will harbor district into western Shandong economic uplift belt development plan, as to build an upgraded version of the Shandong economy an important growth pole; municipal city government to port area included in the city's "two type" society construction pilot area, awarded 56 municipal economic administration examination and approval authority, in the project approval, construction, services, etc. have better advantage of the policy.

Logistics environment advantage. Linyi is known as the "city of the Chinese market,", the logistics distribution covering 31 provinces (cities, autonomous regions) 3300 county region, are exported to more than 10 countries and regions. Formed the pattern of "China Linyi logistics world. Port area depends on the Linyi logistics advantage, forming a fast and efficient, low cost of freight logistics system.