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1st Rural Revitalization (Shandong) Summit Forum kicks off

Date:2022-01-21  Hits:335

The First Rural Revitalization (Shandong) Summit Forum kicked off today in Jinan, east China’s Shandong Province. The theme of the forum is “New Era, New Opportunities, New Journey, Striving to Create a Qilu Model for Rural Revitalization”.

Discussions on key principles and practical problems of the rural revitalization strategy were held during the forum. The forum aims to promote the upgrading of agriculture, progress in rural areas and development of farmers in an all-around way, provide intelligent support for building a Qilu model for rural revitalization, offer practical experience and contribute Shandong wisdom to the implementation of rural revitalization strategy on a national scale.

The forum was divided in three sections with different keynote speeches. The first part themed on “the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up and rural revitalization” focuses on the institutional supply and policy system of rural revitalization, key factors and difficulties of implementing the rural revitalization strategy, and the improvement of the investment mechanism.

In the second section of “the path mechanism of rural revitalization strategy”, the emphasis was put on the government functions and market effect on implementing the rural revitalization strategy, the implementation approach to implementing the strategy, the promotion of strategic tone of rural revitalization and key issues to be concerned in rural revitalization.

The third part is around the topic of “creating a Qilu model of rural revitalization”, which is centered on the practice of the rural revitalization strategy in Shandong, the practical exploration of creating a Qilu model, the development of Weifang pattern of rural revitalization, the application of technology in agriculture, strengthening the foundation for food security and promoting the financial service to rural revitalization.

The forum was sponsored by the Development Research Center of Shandong Province.