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Industry cluster

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LinYi Economic development zone Construction machinery

Linyi city existing industrial cluster in 44, a total of 21708 enterprises. 2012 operating income of 50 billion yuan of industrial cluster 1, over 30 billion yuan of industrial cluster of 4, 10 billion yuan of 16, provincial industrial cluster among them has: the country-specific ones (fei county) plate,LinShu compound fertilizer, more food, junan peanut products, darkened textile and garment, linyi economic and technological development zone construction machinery, cangshan county FD/AD food etc total 7.

LuoZhuang ceramic products

Municipal industrial cluster are: LanShan plank industry cluster, non-ferrous metals industry cluster, TanCheng grass artifact industry cluster, framed FD/AD food industry cluster, JuNan county peanut products industry cluster, the phenomenon.the food industry cluster, phenomenon.the automobile accessories industry cluster, MengYin textile and garment industry cluster, canned in pingyi county, industrial cluster in pingyi county insurance too gypsum industry cluster, FeiXian board of industrial cluster, incorporated electric car industry cluster, linshu compound fertilizer industry cluster, high-end equipment manufacturing industry cluster linshu, economic and technological development zone construction machinery industry cluster, LinShu wicker industrial cluster, high and new technology industry development area electronic information industry cluster, LuoZhuang ceramic industry cluster, HeDong district hardware tools industry cluster, industry cluster in PingYi county honeysuckle, YiNan county shoe making industry cluster, etc. 21.