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LinYi Port

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1.Introduce of LinYi Harbor

In June 2012, LinYi party committee, city government keep up with the trend of The Times development, the modern logistics concept combined with commercial mall development needs, proposed the LinYi commercial mall development new way of thinking on international trade, start planning construction of linyi inland harbor.

Linyi harbor area is located in Linyi commercial mall core area, planning area of 150000 square meters, the function area take 130000 square meters, include the customs inspection area, inspection and quarantine area, comprehensive service and container loading areas, Linyi with customs declaration, inspection declaration, shipping, freight, LCL, inspection, etc. "one-stop service" function, design operation quantity of 500000containers.

Five Advantage of LinYi Harbor

As the market development and business development of linyi port, linyi port is gradually developed into the most convenient areas in southwest Shan Dong Provence and the ideal of "land port", highlights the following five advantages:

1.Excellent port environment. The general administration of customs approved the linyi mall in local customs export customs clearance of goods to "tourist shopping goods" regulatory way to simplify classification declaration; General administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine agreed to linyi on a trial basis "market purchasing export commodities inspection regulation" system, namely the method of inspection export commodity inspection of origin can be changed to purchase the commodity inspection.

2. Strong government support. Linyi city government special attention to the development of Linyi port, brewing and issued a series of supporting policies.

3.The interior of the innovation mode. The construction of the linyi port operations, equivalent to "move the port to the mainland," broke the old mode of operation, has realized the customs declaration, inspection declaration, shipping, freight, LCL, inspection, etc. "one-stop service", has opened up a convenient channel of import and export, in south-west of shandong province is the local economy, port logistics, new "growth pole", is a new foreign trade, logistics service "profit", has a broad space for development.

4.Powerful partnership resources. Linyi port is currently with the shipping company, port, terminal, agent, the team and other related party established a close partnership, formed a long-term and stable business relationship, to provide comprehensive service for the owner, guarantee the rapid development of linyi port directly. Linyi port of special and Qingdao have a "coexistence and co-prosperity, joint venture, cooperation, development" the close ties between, Qingdao port has been gradually inject port logistics resources comprehensive linyi port, Qingdao port which is set up with linyi port linkage of the green channel. For linyi port in Qingdao port wharf apron has designated special yard, for linyi port set card transport vehicles into the convenience; At the same time, through linyi port, Qingdao port for import and export customers, offer certain preferential and reduction of cost.

5. Perfect information platform. Linyi port will integrate  the information of traders, freight forwarders, shipping companies, port, fleet, container load ineffectively, therefore,information sharing platform is generated , customs, inspection and quarantine departments link with Qingdao port logistics information platform, import and export trade, customs declaration, inspection declaration, linyi area public space booking, e-commerce and other forms of international business flow, logistics, information flow integrated logistics integrated system.

Currently, linyi port are trying to utilize the advantages, assist customers save money, save time,save trouble for commitment, passion, actively explore, linyi port devote to become more intensive and efficient, and cost-effective, barrier-free seamless supply chain logistics, logistics trade depth fusion combination of the development of the economy, to regional economy and modern logistics play a more active role.

Linyi port construction began on August 13, 2012, April 21, 2013, put into trial operation, become an important part of the internationalization of linyi mall, but also for cultivating regional  supply of goods and promoting the development of foreign trade played an important role. On March 27, 2014, Qingdao port (linyi) high-speed logistics co.,ltd. Was set up, take over and in charge of linyi port management, marks the linyi port into the rapidly increase, accelerate the development of the new stage.

LinYi Harbor main function

Nowadays, the main business of LinYi port including container depot, one-stop customs clearance service, consolidation, warehousing business and comprehensive supporting services, etc.

1. A container terminal business. Linyi port enhance the business cooperation with  Qingdao area depot with every shipping company , conduct import customers are able to return container to LinYi port,export clients recollect in LinYi harbor new model.It is the container land transport "heavy into out", for customers therefore, to reduce port back to return back and save the transportation cost of empty container, indeed return container will quick and easy.

2. One-stop customs clearance service. China's customs and China entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau set up branches in linyi port, providing customers with market purchasing export commodity inspection and quarantine services and "territorial port shall, through    " one-stop customs clearance service. Do direct business in linyi port, can greatly shorten the customs clearance of the goods time, and effectively reduce the inspection fee.

3. Consolidation, warehousing business. Linyi port with the customs regulatory consolidation warehouse, to provide professional tally and packing services. The goods warehouse after customs declaration first, before packing, customs inspection sorting, secondary packing of costs. Inspection port area is also set up warehouses and fumigation libraries, implementation of import and export goods distribution, warehousing, inspection and quarantine, fumigation, etc.

4. Comprehensive supporting services. Some trading companies, shipping companies, freight forwarders, container transportation company in linyi port district, such as import and export business to provide one-stop service for the customer; Industry and commerce, taxation, banking, insurance and other services to the international trade service center, provide convenient for linyi port customers rebates, insurance, foreign exchange settlement, etc.