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Chinese education to promote China and Arab countries people is same

Date:2023-01-12  Hits:307

In recent years, China and Arab countries continue to expand humanities exchanges, in the aspect of Chinese education to a new level. Data show that by the end of October 2022, the united Arab emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Tunisia, four Arab countries will be included in the national education system in Chinese, 15 Arab countries offer Chinese departments in the college, 13 Arab countries have 20 Confucius institute, two independent Confucius classrooms.

The People's Daily overseas edition published on January 6, Iraqi man engaged in Chinese teaching of Chinese language learning stories and in Saudi Arabia international Chinese teacher's teaching experience, and readers to share their efforts to spread Chinese culture.

In January 2020, king abdul aziz university courses in the two-year diploma in Chinese classes. On December 19, 2021, the first Chinese diploma class graduation ceremony held, this is also the important moment of Saudi Chinese teaching course.

After nearly three years of efforts, expanding the Chinese teachers' team in Saudi Arabia, the number of people learning Chinese is increasing. At present, king abdul aziz university has more than 200 students majoring in Chinese in.

Seeds germinate still result in Chinese, the Saudi undertaken by the central university for nationalities "Chinese bridge" project participants up to thousands of people online winter, marked the Saudi opened a new chapter in Chinese teaching. In July 2022, Saudi Arabia in the competition of "Chinese bridge" for the first time that the Saudi Arabia's Chinese teaching into a new stage.

Suddenly look back, memories in the mind. King abdul aziz university Chinese teaching development rapidly, is the common effort of all parties, is predestined friends the human to meet together to write the story.

Chinese flower blossoms in Saudi gradually, this not only let me feel relieved, more let me feel the "road is far, eventually reach".