"One belt, one road" national infrastructure development index (2020) released

Date:2020-12-03  Hits:36

China's practice of one belt, one road, and the development of the national infrastructure is still expected to be achieved. "Fang Qiuchen, President of China's Foreign Contractors Association, said at the Eleventh International Forum on infrastructure investment and construction." In December 2nd, one belt, one road national infrastructure development index (2020) (hereinafter referred to as the report) was released at the Eleventh International infrastructure investment and Construction Summit held in Macao.

Housing China's one belt, one road, national infrastructure development index was released in 2017 for three years in a row, Fang said at the press conference. It provided an important reference for the domestic and foreign infrastructure industry and the development trend of various countries. China has one belt, one road area and 8 Portuguese speaking countries, and has 71 countries in the world, including 63 countries along the belt, and the third China infrastructure export index. One belt, one road, is being spread around the world, and the index data are further optimized. Referring to the practices adopted by international organizations, the benchmark and pessimistic scenarios are differentiated, and the development index of the "one belt and one road" national infrastructure in 2020 is calculated.

One belt, one road, and one belt, one road, is the main feature of the development of the infrastructure. The report shows that the continuous spread of the epidemic situation has led to the continuous rise of project construction risks, various conflicts caused by changes in social relations of host countries pose potential threats to project safety, the global economic recession has further worsened the economic environment for infrastructure development, and the adverse current of economic globalization has forced International infrastructure participants to bear greater overseas market risks. The report puts forward one belt, one road of development, four suggestions for development: first, to strengthen international cooperation and to improve the development environment of infrastructure along the "one belt along the way". Second, accelerate financing innovation and promote the construction of a diversified and open international infrastructure financial service system. Third, optimize risk and compliance management and control, and build a solid foundation for international infrastructure cooperation. Four, one belt, one road, is to attach importance to scientific and technological innovation and promote the development of new infrastructure in the "one belt and one road".

The 11th international infrastructure investment and Construction Summit Forum was held in Macao from December 2 to 3. The theme of the forum is "to meet challenges and promote global infrastructure development". More than 1000 people from more than 400 organizations from 42 countries and regions attended the forum.