The fourth "one belt, one road" and Global Governance Forum was held at Fudan University.

Date:2020-11-30  Hits:40

In November 28th, the one international forum on one belt, one road and global governance was held at Fudan University, Shanghai, in fourth. One belt, one road and one belt, one road and one belt, one road and the other two experts in the field of global governance, are all under the guidance of the "epidemic situation".

The forum one belt, one road, one belt, one road and the Global Governance Research Institute jointly sponsored by Fudan University and the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China's external liaison department, the "one belt and one road" think tank cooperation alliance. One belt, one road, was emphasized by one of the delegates. One of the "one belt, one road" has strong vitality and internal sustainability. Despite the impact of the epidemic on the world economy, the "along the way" countries along the way have achieved positive economic growth and created new formats. The forum put forward one policy proposal for one belt, one road, and the new opportunities and challenges.