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A brief introduction.

Council for the promotion of international trade in the Gulf in 1985 established in the UAE capital Abu Dhabi, CCPIT established the first overseas representative office. As Chinese companies increasingly concentrated in Dubai and Sharjah in the northern Emirates. Representative office is easy with their contacts and better provide services, July 2000 relocation to from the United Arab Emirates trade and transit center, Dubai is close to the emirate of Sharjah.

Two, the functions and services of the representative office in the Gulf region

Information research and for Arab enterprises to provide consulting services is an important daily work for the representative office. Over the years, the representative office through to the host of economic and trade activities, pay attention to the understanding of the international, domestic economic development and change and strive to do a good job trade information and product market investigation and research materials and timely feedback to the China Council for the promotion of international trade will always, by CCPIT information network, "the international market Herald", "China trade news", "China trade journal" and other publications to the domestic import and export trade companies and enterprises to provide information services.

Provides for China Arab business consulting services including, enterprises provide the Gulf countries and China's exhibition, economy and trade, laws and regulations and market information. Representative office often to will buy o business information compiled into a trade opportunities, through the Federation, "the trade press will release to the domestic enterprise network"; at the same time, for domestic enterprises want to o in the promotion of products, a representative office also use every possible opportunity to recommend to the enterprises.

Representative office with the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf States Association of industry and commerce, trade organizations and the business community has a close contact and cooperation. Representative Office actively assist the Gulf countries, especially in the chamber of Commerce and industry of the United Arab Emirates Emirates, industrialists and entrepreneurs to visit China. At the same time, a representative office is connected from there for, the local branch, local government, local economic and trade institutions and enterprises to visit Afghanistan delegation, for visiting delegations arrange business visited activities, assist delegations to carry out of economic and trade cooperation and exchanges.

Representative Office in the Gulf region also actively cooperate with the Embassy in Afghanistan to carry out the work, to complete the task assigned by the Embassy in Afghanistan.

Chief representative: Mr. Zhang Xijing

Table: Mr. Tang Jie

Representative Assistant: Ms. Shen Fei

Representative Office Address: No. Flat 1602, Husn Tower AL, Faisal Street King, Majaz Area Al, Sharjah (Sharjah, UAE)

P.O.Box 26601 U.A.E., Sharjah

Phone Tel: 0097165749068

Fax Fax: 0097165749082, Email:,,