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Biobase Meihua Trading Co., Ltd.

Sterilizer , Biosafety Cabinet , Fume Hood , Biochemistry Analyzer

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Founded in 2012, Biobase Meihua Trading Co., Ltd is enterprise focusing on development, production and management of laboratory and medical equipment. We have more than 50 production plants with long-term cooperation and quality certification, which can not only reduce the resourcing cost, but also can ensure good quality and sufficient after-sale service. 

Our factory has been certified by international standards such as ISO9001 and ISO13485. Various products have obtained international certifications like CE, MET, ETL, and have been registered in NSF, FDA, RCM. 

Biobase Meihua is specialized in products of many areas including laboratory equipment, cleaning and disinfection equipment, laboratory safety protection product, cold chain product, medical equipment, general analytical equipment, measuring equipment, physical test equipment and some industry research equipment. Our company is committed to creating a one-stop scientific instrument procurement ecological chain.... [Detailed introduction]
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