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South Korean businessmen to visit goldym biological technology co., LTD

Date:2016-03-23  Hits:319
On May 11, new chemical international company d in dazzle, general manager in Shanghai office, Mr HongLeiHai South Korea LG chemical company purchasing department senior assistant Bai Dongxun a line of three people to visit our company, the company management, import and export department minister Xie Yin east yong-gang Chen met with south Korean guest, exchange views and cooperation of the New Year.LG chem long-term purchase our ethyl acetate supply South Korea's LG electronics is used in the production of the liquid crystal display, is extremely strict quality requirements for products.After deliver, trial order, such as long-term inspection certification, our ethyl acetate are very popular among LG chem, and our company signed a long-term supply agreement.Today, the expiration of the agreement period, the visit is aimed to summarize the past one year cooperation discuss next year's work at the same time, both parties friendly consultation, agreed to have every confidence in cooperation between the New Year.After the talks, yong-gang Chen, vice President hotel banquet in the company, hospitality Korean guests.