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LuZhou group in linyi city enterprise technology center construction work meeting

Date:2016-03-23  Hits:304

October 13 morning, the linyi city economic and information commission hosted by the city's enterprise technology center construction job training meeting held in linyi h is garden.Above the city's municipal enterprise technology center, double hundred enterprises, to declare the next year, head of the provincial and municipal technology center of enterprise technology center and financial director and counties responsible for technology innovation of personnel attended the meeting.Phenomenon.the by bureau of science and technology department comrade delegation letter, group research and development department, finance department respectively send relevant personnel to attend the meeting.Conference basically has two parts, one is invited to linyi university professor Zhu Hua rain technology center for enterprise management and index analysis training, 2 it is to invite Stanley fertilizer co., LTD., certified claim additional deduction de-ping liu manager of r&d policy practices.Through to attend the meeting, the relevant departments more clear understanding of the technology center of management and the evaluation index, a more thorough understanding of the claim additional deduction r&d policy.