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The Qingdao Representative Office of Japan External Trade Organization visited Linyi

Date:2021-08-04  Hits:256

On July 29th, Yoshikawa Akinobu, chief representative of the Qingdao Representative Office of the Japan Trade Promotion Agency, led a team to inspect and visit Linyi CCPIT. Chen Jingxiu, a member of the party group and vice chairman of the Municipal Council for the Promotion of International Trade, met Yoshikawa and his party and accompanied him to the labor insurance market and the Shunhe live broadcast base. , Linyi Shopping Mall exhibition hall visit and inspection.

During the meeting, Chen Jingxiu introduced Linyi's economic and social development, business environment, and characteristic industries to Jichuan and his party. Linyi is the city with the most population and the largest area in Shandong. It has obvious advantages in natural resources and a complete range of industrial industries, suitable for business, living, and travel. Under the correct leadership of the municipal party committee and government, Linyi implements the "three-step" and comprehensive rural revitalization . Connecting with the Yangtze River Delta, it has gradually become the agricultural product supply base, the back garden of leisure tourism and the rear area of industrial transfer in the Yangtze River Delta, and Linyi's economic development has entered the fast lane. The Linyi Council for the Promotion of International Trade and the Japan Trade Promotion Agency are both trade promotion agencies. They will give full play to their functions and fully support the organization of Sino-Japanese health industry exchange activities in Linyi, actively seek points of compatibility, strengthen deeper exchanges, and promote economic and trade cooperation between Linyi and Japan , To make positive contributions to the economic development of both parties. Yoshikawa said that he was deeply impressed by his visit to Linyi and thanked the Linyi Council for the Promotion of International Trade for the warm reception. The unique advantages allow Japanese companies to understand Linyi better and strengthen cooperation with Linyi.

Source: Linyi City Council for the Promotion of International Trade