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Yimeng spirit promotes the deep docking between Linyi and Qinghai Council for the promotion of inter

Date:2021-07-07  Hits:292

In order to solidly carry out the "hundred million" activity of promoting Yimeng spirit, based on the advantages of red resources in Linyi, promote the study and education of party history, and continue to promote the integration of Yimeng spirit into the party construction of CCPIT, Yue caichun, President of CCPIT of Qinghai Province, and his party were invited to Linyi on June 28-30 to carry out the activity of "learning from party history, remembering the original intention and promoting Yimeng spirit". Li Xin and Xu Kai, leaders of the Seventh Party History Study and education tour guidance group of the municipal Party committee, attended the activity, accompanied by Wang Jingyuan, Secretary of the Party group.

Yue caichun and his party successively went to mamuchi Township in Yinan to trace the footprints of red sister-in-law, learn the deeds of "Yimeng red sister-in-law" such as Ming Deying and Wang Huanyu, and review the red stories in the war years. In Yimeng revolutionary memorial hall, I learned the formation and connotation of Yimeng spirit, and felt the Yimeng spirit of "harmony, life and death". At the same time, Yue caichun introduced the party building work and "plateau spirit" of Qinghai Council for the promotion of international trade, and said that both Yimeng spirit and plateau spirit are red revolutionary spirit. In the future work, Party members and cadres of the two places should inherit and carry forward, carry out in-depth red education, exchange experience in Party building, and let "Yimeng spirit" enter Qinghai.

It is reported that this activity is an important part of the City Council for the promotion of international trade to carry forward the Yimeng spirit. It aims to promote the Yimeng spirit and inherit the red gene by inviting in and going out.

At present, it has carried out two on-site promotion, two discussion and exchange activities, signed the "hand in hand inheritance, joint construction, vigorously promote Yimeng spirit co construction agreement" with Tengzhou Machinery Industry Association, and "cloud exchange" and other online interactions for 16 times, effectively expanding the influence of Yimeng spirit in the whole province and even the whole country.

Source: Linyi Council for the promotion of international trade