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Linyi Council for the promotion of international trade participated in the 2021 Qilu (Liaocheng) Tao

Date:2021-07-06  Hits:271

On June 24, the 2021 Qilu (Liaocheng) Taobao village Summit Forum and the first Shandong international e-commerce brand industry development conference jointly sponsored by Liaocheng Municipal People's government, Shandong Council for the promotion of international trade and Alibaba Group opened in Liaocheng.

One belt, one road, the first Taobao provincial village summit in Malaysia, is attracting the attention of over 230 embassies and consulates from Russia, Burma, Tanzania, Bulgaria and other RCEP countries. Build the growth path of e-commerce.

During the activity, 10 key projects, including the Sri Lanka Tea Promotion cooperation project between Shandong Provincial Council for the promotion of international trade and Sri Lanka tea Bureau, and the Taobao education Liaocheng digital economy talent training base project between Alibaba (China) Education Technology Co., Ltd. and Dongchangfu District, were signed on the spot. The cooperation contents involved digital economy talent training, smart agriculture, smart agriculture, and so on E-commerce supply chain industry platform, product procurement, etc., with a total amount of agreement investment and cooperation of about 212 million yuan.

The activity aims to guide Shandong e-commerce enterprises to take the road of branding, industrialization and internationalization, promote the upgrading of e-commerce industry in Shandong Province, speed up the development of rural e-commerce and cross-border e-commerce, and make contributions to promoting the transformation of new and old kinetic energy in Shandong Province and building a model of Rural Revitalization in Qilu.

Han Jinfeng, vice chairman of the CPPCC Provincial Committee, Yu Fenggui, Secretary of the Party group and President of the CCPIT Provincial Committee, and Li Ran, vice president of Alibaba group, attended the conference. Jianlong, Secretary General of the China International Chamber of Commerce, delivered a video speech. Linyi CCPIT sent members and organized more than 50 business people from DongTeng exhibition company and Linyi city to attend the conference.

Source: Linyi Council for the promotion of international trade