The "one belt, one road" poverty reduction and development alliance was established in Yun

Date:2020-11-11  Hits:22

One belt, one road one belt, one road, China, Poland, Hungary and other 14 countries and regions, and 17 government organizations, jointly launched the "one way" poverty reduction and Development Alliance in Yunnan, Lincang City on 17. China's China one belt, one road area, China's Academy of Sciences, China Academy of Sciences, Poland Institute of science and technology, and other 14 research institutes and government organizations jointly launched the aim of promoting poverty alleviation and development in China. Development experience and mode sharing.

The "one belt, one road" one belt, one road in Beijing, was established in November 2018. It is the first comprehensive international scientific and technological organization made up of research institutes and international organizations along the "one belt and one way" initiative. It provides a mechanism and guarantee platform for the countries along the line to carry out scientific and technological cooperation, meet challenges, promote common people's hearts and promote the construction of human destiny communities. It is reported that one belt, one road poverty reduction and development alliance has set up a secretariat in Lincang City and established a sustainable innovation demonstration base.