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BYD-003 730x430x70mm 12mm / 7mm

Area: China Shandong
Validity: forever
Information of the company

This 730*430*70 mm plastic tray is designed to maximize air flow.

12 mm biggest hole size, 7 cm high all make sure it can get maximize balanced air flow.

It is more stable on stacking one by one by with 7 legs.

Some of the customers choosing this for drying large volume foods who need more air flow, such as gummies, fruits and vegetables slices etc.

More Features:

1. Made with FDA-compliant 100% virgin PP or HDPE for safe use in regulated industries.

2. Space Saving - It can be stacked one by one very stable without a rack system.

3. Maximum air flow with fully vented design.  (Reduce drying times by up to 25% or more)

4.Wide range temperature tolerance. -40°C to 120°C

6.Light weight, easy handling

7.Labor saving, easily moved with the rolling dollies or racking trolley 

Support matching cart customization services

1. Matching carts customized based on the sizes and the structure of the trays

2. Matching carts customized based on customers' requirements on the loading bearing, budget etc.

3. various materials with different cost can be selected  ( 304 stainless steel, 201 stainless steel, Aluminum alloy, plastics materials for choosing) 

Customer cases drawing of the carts