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Large chain trencher and back filling Grooving machine

Brand: petros
Area: China Shandong
Validity: forever
Information of the company

The trenching and back filling machine can not only open the ditch, but also backfill the opened ditch, and use one car for both purposes. The labor of back filling has been greatly reduced, and work efficiency has also been improved.
Features of trenching and back filling machine:
1. The economic benefits of the ditch back filled with the integrated machine are remarkable: the purchase of the machine, the investment is small, the effect is quick, and one machine can replace the work of dozens of people.
2.The trenching and back filling machine has good trenching effect and good backfill quality.
3.good quality, long life: cutting blades and chains are made of special materials and processes, long service life

Model LS-LK
Matched power HP 30-220
Woring width mm 120-600
Working depth mm 0-200
Working speed m/h 120-600