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cable crossover

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jenifer jia: jenifer jia
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Size:Body size1120*1580*2420mm

Weight:net weight:595 KG

weight stack780bls

,mini weight stack2*5bls

tension ratio1:4

Color:bright silver


1.frame:high quality steel tube.

2.Screw:stainless steel#304,high toughness,high strength, never rust.

3.Pipe Plug :high strength PE material,beautiful and durable.

type D pipe plug:metal material.Can achieve a perfect match with the pipe.

4.Pulley:high strength POM,stronger than nylon fiber,self-lubrication and wear-resistance is good, smooth groove will reduce wear and tear .the bearing is speciality for air condition,havin good mute effect.besides,the running accuracy is 5 times than the most similar products.

5.Wire rope:wire corn imported from Japan,outsourcing France P12,wear resistance,high strength,elongation is less than four parts per thousand.

6.Mini stack weight:increase exercise options for trainers

7.Bearing:THK grand enclosed linear bearing imported from Japan,safe,durable,environmental protection.