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Sj-90/38 HDPE/PP/PP-R Pipe Production Line

Area: China Shandong
Validity: forever
Information of the company
PE gas pipe/water supply pipe extrusion machinery 
High Efficiency HDPE pipe extrusion line/production line/machinery
PE/PP/PP-R pipe extrusion machinery/extruder

1. Configuration:
It contains single screw extruder, mould, single screw extruder (for mark line), vacuum calibrating tank, water cooling tank, haul-off, cutter and stacker.

2. Application:
It is mainly used to produce PE water pipe, gas pipe, drain pipe and so on.
Sj-90/38 HDPE/PP/PP-R Pipe Production Line

3. Description:
Single screw extruder, very suitable to process PE resin with high capacity, max capacity can reach 1000kg/h
The production line adopts reasonable design, absorbing safe producing technology, acquiring CE certificate.

Diameter range is 20mm-800mm, which can be changed into inch standard to meet clients' special requirement.
4.Features of PE pipe production line
1 The optimum spiral bush highly improves the output of extruder
2 Accurate temperature control system ensures material melting performance
3 Unique screw design achieves better plasticizing and high quality products
4 Precisely designed gearbox with a high torsion guarantees stable running
5 Advanced PLC operation system realizes synchronization and high quality products
6 Adopt automatic water temperature &level control and special independent filters on both vacuum and cooling tanks
7 Offer stable haul-off unit with 2-12 caterpillars
8 Provide saw &chip free cutting options
9 Low energy consumption, excellent performance, and easy maintenance

5. machinery model ,capacity and suitable diameter  

Pipe range








Extruder ¢65mm ¢65mm ¢75mm ¢75mm ¢90mm ¢90mm ¢120mm ¢150mm
Extruder power AC45kw AC55kw AC110kw DC160kw DC160kw DC160kw DC280kw

Extrusion capacity









Max. production speed





3 m/min




6.Brief introduction of PE pipe production line


Pipe Extrusion Single Screw Extruder  
1.Siemens PLC control system 
2.High efficiency special screw
3.Liquid channel: melt pressure is lower, melt temperature increasing slower
4.Solid channel: Channel depth changes with plasticizing process, 5.plasticized material overflow into liquid channel through the gap between screw dam flight and barrel.
6.Shearing and mixing zone: Highly mixing of residual solid scraps and melt material

 Sj-90/38 HDPE/PP/PP-R Pipe Production Line
Pipe Extrusion Die Head  
1.Extrusion head with spiral structure, which can make sure the melt inside distributed evenly so as to achieve best plasticization. 
2.Calibrator design with water ring which is easy to clean to achieve better cooling and then fast forming. 
Sj-90/38 HDPE/PP/PP-R Pipe Production Line
Pipe Extrusion Vacuum Calibration Tanks  
Vacuum Calibration Tanks are used for calibrating and cooling pipes made of thermoplastic materials by means of spray cooling. The spray cooling method prevents the formation of water boundary layers and is more efficient in cooling than the full water tanks.
Furthermore, there are no buoyancy problems that could distort the pipe. Spray-cooling increases the heat exchange rate significantly, compared to full-water-bath cooling. However, optionally all tanks can be supplied as full water tanks.
Sj-90/38 HDPE/PP/PP-R Pipe Production Line
ne or two chambers
2.Corrosion protected steel or stainless steel
3.Height adjustment, side adjustment
4.Many accessories available
5.Special length available
6.Central adjustment of support rollers
7.Many types of calibration sleeves
8.Size adjustable calibration sleeves
9.Covers made from aluminum or glass
1.Water temperature controlled by thermostatic valve, thus water consumption is kept low
2.Regulation of constant water level
3.Separate vacuum and cooling circuits
4.High efficient cooling system by big pumps and tubes
5.Full cone nozzles
6.Water flow control with floater
7.Longitudinal adjustment on tracks for better stability
Pipe Extrusion Haul-off Unit  Sj-90/38 HDPE/PP/PP-R Pipe Production Line
Belt haul-off
Belt haul-offs are used for continuous extraction of pipes and profiles. They are known for especially consistent performance even at high production speeds. The belts are driven by brushless AC servo drives. Both belt carriers can be mechanically or pneumatically adjusted in height. The belts can also be supplied with a cellular vulcanised or rubber layer.
Caterpillar haul-off

Depending on pad type, dual caterpillar haul-offs can be used for pipes or profiles. Multiple caterpillar haul-offs are used for pipe take-off. The lower caterpillar carriers are adjusted manually, the upper caterpillar carriers are suspended and are pneumatically adjusted.
1.High-standard precision haul-o ffs driven via maintenance-free AC servo motors
2.Pressure adjustment for delicate tubes and profiles
3.Periodic wall thickening unit for pipes made of PVC
4.Remote control
5.V - shaped Haul-Off belts
7.Electronic length measuring meter
8.Haul-Off-Saw combination
9.Start-up winch
1.Sturdy base frame
2.Easy operation
3.Belts can be changed easily
4.Good accessibility
5.Safety switches
6.Digital speed indication
7.Maintenance-free drives
8.Direct drives for every caterpillar track
9.Long contact surface
10.Pulling force is evenly distributed to product
11.Caterpillar can hold speeds within ± 0,01%
12.Quick-change system for padsavailablestandard

Pipe extrusion Cutting Machines

Sj-90/38 HDPE/PP/PP-R Pipe Production Line

Cutting Saws

Pneumatically activated radial saws suitable for cutting pipes and profiles. Easy operation of the saw on start-up of the extrusion line thanks to the possibility of raising the upper double pipe clamps. Clamping jaws according to the pipe diameter or profile shape guarantee an angular cut.


Pneumatically or hydraulically activated cutting knife for burr-free cutting of pipes or profiles.

Servo cutter

For chip and burr-free cutting by means of rotating knife.


Excellent accuracy of cut length

Low energy consumption

Low noise level by using special cutting tools and shielding the machine

Cutting tools and enclosure of the machines

Tools are easy to change


More details about our service:

The supplier provide service manual and maintenance instruction of main electric appliance ,limb , usage manual of equipment We also supply water,electricity,gas of equipment and installation drawing.


The supplier is responsible for installation,debug and training, we will realize guarantee of repair; replacement of substandard products within one year. After the machine leaves factory. Fittings of the machine will supply at preferential price after one year .

The seller will send one or two technician to the buyer'plant  to debugging,and the tickets ,eating ,transportation and visa fee will bepaid by the buyer.

If anyting intertst ,please contact us at  your best convenience,we can produce the overwhelming majority of plastic extrusion machines

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