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Algerian North South Expressway built by Chinese enterprises officially opened to traffic

Date:2020-12-22  Hits:221

On December 20, Algerian Prime Minister Gerald cut the ribbon for the project and announced that the expressway connecting the Sahara desert through the Atlas Mountains was officially opened to traffic. The opening of the North South Expressway.

The section from Qifa to beiruaqia, which was opened to traffic on that day, has a total length of 53 km and runs through the Atlas Mountains. It is the "neck sticking" project of the A'nan expressway, and the construction of the project is extremely difficult. According to reports, the project is located in the Mediterranean fold belt, with high in-situ stress and a large number of marls distributed. The geological environment is very complex, and the industry is known as the "engineer disaster Museum". In order to complete the construction of this section, the CSCEC team built a 9.6km single hole tunnel and a 2.7km road and bridge, the longest in Algeria. Algerian official media reported that the highway will continue to extend southward to connect Mali, Niger and other countries in the Sahel region.