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One belt, one road cooperation between Belarus and China

Date:2020-11-26  Hits:404

China's one belt, one road cooperation between Belarus and Belarus will be promoted by the president of the Republic of China, Lukashenka, 24, he said.

During a meeting with Xie Xiaoyong, the new Chinese ambassador to Belarus who submitted his credentials to him, Lukashenko stressed that the comprehensive strategic partnership of mutual trust and win-win cooperation between Belarus and China has been clearly recorded in the official documents of the two countries, and the cooperation between the two countries in various fields is permeated with this spirit.

"One belt, one road one belt, one road" is a practical project that can bring real benefits. Lukashenka has actively participated in building the "one belt and one road" project. The Belarus white industrial park has become a model for pragmatic cooperation between the two countries.