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Date:2016-03-23  Hits:5706
In order to promote the international development of Linyi mall to expand to the Middle East foreign trade and investment, and strive to the high-level talents in the Middle East, buyers, investors attracted to Linyi, take out the Linyi enterprises and products, increase the propaganda and introduction of Linyi City regional advantages, resources advantages, industrial advantages and policy advantages, promote rapid and healthy development of the export-oriented economy of our city, Linyi City trade promotion will be set up in Dubai in the Middle East office. Main responsibilities:
1, do a good job in Linyi city party and government departments, enterprises, business visits to the work of the docking, at least once a year in the Middle East and economic and trade cooperation.
2, active and the Middle East Trade Association, chamber of Commerce and industry, business associations and other relevant departments and key enterprises were widely contact, do a good job in China (Linyi) for the promotion of international trade network environment, network promotion, positive to the Middle East Business Association, investment business, purchaser propaganda Linyi advantage industry, enterprise, product, promotion of Linyi resources advantage and policy advantage, and to establish close contact with them.
3, a comprehensive collection of information on the situation of social and economic development of the Middle East, including scale economy, leading industry, well-known enterprises, the backbone of enterprises, and the collected information and intelligence summary, from screened with Linyi actual construction of project information, timely feedback Linyi City trade promotion will, promote construction projects.
4, on the basis of doing a good job in the project, to take a variety of effective ways and methods to promote the Middle East enterprises and Linyi investment intentions of enterprises to carry out the project negotiations, to promote cooperation.
5, the platform play a role as a link, strengthen contact docking, promote the city investment projects and the Middle East enterprises docking. Organize regular Middle East investors, large purchasers, high-level talents to Linyi visit, business investment.
6, in the Middle East to promote the promotion of Linyi fair and other brands will show, give full play to the advantages of its own platform resources, and actively organize customers in the Middle East to Linyi exhibitors procurement, expand foreign trade.
7, to assist the organization of Linyi enterprises to participate in the Middle East, Dubai, Dubai five industry exhibition, the Middle East, Dubai home decoration fair, the United Arab Emirates international building materials and water treatment exhibition and other famous exhibition.
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