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Representative Office in Singapore was founded on June 10, 2004, the China International Trade Promotion Committee (hereinafter referred to as the China Council for the promotion of international trade, CCPIT) sent for representative offices of the 10 ASEAN countries. China Council for the promotion of international trade for more than half a century of history is renowned Chinese and foreign, China's largest, the history of the longest economic and trade promotion agencies. The purpose of the China Council for the promotion of international trade, promoting the development of foreign trade, utilization of foreign capital, the introduction of foreign advanced technology and various forms of Chinese Foreign Economic and technical cooperation activities, promote China with the rest of the world, the development of trade and economic relations between the various regions and promote China with people all over the world and economic and trade circles of the Between the understanding and friendship.

China Council for the promotion of international trade in the territory of the establishment of more than 800 offices and 17 representative office abroad and have a wide coverage of the network. The China Council for the promotion of international trade representative office in Singapore, the main work is: promote the trade between China and Singapore and ASEAN countries, mutual investment and various forms of economic and technological cooperation, promote China with ASEAN countries and peoples and economic and trade circles understanding and friendship.

Set up the chief representative of a representative office in Singapore, the staff representatives, assistant deputies and represent a certain number of names. Office address in businessmen gathered in Singapore Xingda City No. 3 23 storey building.

The specific affairs of the representative office include:

, extensive collection of information, analysis of Singapore and ASEAN countries economic situation, industry status, market and related regulations and policies trends, problems of bilateral economic and trade cooperation, and puts forward some suggestions. Writing economic, trade, market, investment environment research report. And content related to China's economic and trade circles free issued and provided. At the same time, representative office also to Singapore and ASEAN economic community provide China's economic and trade information.

-- with Singapore and ASEAN countries government departments, business association, Inc., enterprises, banks and firms and other institutions and organizations keep close contact, promote the development of economic and trade activities between the two countries. At present, the representative office and the Singapore economic development board (EDB), International Enterprise Singapore hair exhibition bureau (IE), Singapore standards, productivity and Innovation Board (Spring Singapore), Singapore Chamber of Commerce and Industry Federation (SBF), the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and industry (SCCCI), Singapore International Chamber of Commerce (SICC) and other government departments and business associations maintain Kennedy's industry and trade cooperation and contact. At the table also with Singapore's many industry associations and related enterprises to maintain close contact and coordination. Representative office also with ASEAN countries in Singapore Embassy and commercial institutions maintained close working relationships, and many of the association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) business group of institutions and enterprises keep in close contact.

-- intends to invest in China, Singapore's trade in ASEAN countries and companies provide free consulting services. On behalf of relying on the strong domestic network can provide from the relevant market in China to individual corporate credit and other various aspects information and suggestions for Singapore and ASEAN businesses.

The representative office also offers free consulting services to Chinese companies that are interested in investing in Singapore and ASEAN countries.

- assist to arrange Chinese enterprises and economic and trade delegations to visit Singapore and ASEAN countries. Representative office can assist visit Singapore and ASEAN countries enterprises and trade delegations work schedule, organization related to the visit, conferences, forums and talks with counterparts.

- to provide information on supply and demand of cooperation projects and commodity supply and demand to China and Singapore and ASEAN countries, to assist in the acceptance of these enterprises in terms of economic and trade requirements, complaints.

China Council for the promotion of international trade representative office in Singapore to and Singapore and ASEAN Economic and trade circles of friends, and make the greatest contribution to the promotion of bilateral economic and trade development and friendship.:

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