First bonded processing enterprises in Linyi comprehensive free trade zone completed trial product

Date:2016-03-23  Hits:332

On the morning of December 16, Shandong Golden Sunshine Building Materials Co., Ltd. in Linyi comprehensive bonded zone held a simple boot trial production of the ceremony, which is settled in the comprehensive bonded zone in Linyi first completed the trial production of bonded processing enterprises, it marks the comprehensive bonded zone in Linyi in exerting the function of the development of open platform, to carry out import and export business of bonded processing has taken a new step.

Comprehensive Bonded Zone in Linyi city promote mall internationalization strategy, to enhance the level of opening up of the new platform. Fully protected areas as areas under special customs supervision, the core is the use of the customs, foreign exchange, taxation policy advantages and co-ordinate international and domestic markets, the two resources play connecting coastal and inland,, convenient service window function, promote the transformation and upgrading of regional processing trade and service trade. At the same time, as Lunan region and province in the western economic uplift belt first comprehensive bonded zone, the surrounding the import and export enterprises formed a great attraction. Shandong Golden Sunshine Building Materials Co., Ltd. spotted comprehensive protection area of the platform advantages become the first batch of contract Settled, first in Linyi fully protected areas completed the trial production of bonded processing enterprises, at present trial is No. 1 production line. The project total investment of 8 billion yuan, and products are mainly sold to Southeast Asia, Japan, Russia, East Africa, West Africa and other countries and regions, production of various kinds of new building materials 10 million tons, achieve sales revenue of 20 billion yuan, import and export volume of US $350 million.

Since 2014 August 8, won the State Council approved the establishment of, Linyi fully protected areas in accordance with the "side of the building, while China Merchants" the work of thinking, solidly carry out the "three cited a promotion work, give full play to the unique advantage of the policy function, earnestly do a good job in project investment planning, investment template preparation, project planning, hired 21 economic adviser, actively participate in various investment promotion activities, the multi channels do investment work, and achieved remarkable results. At present, 240 trade enterprises has been completed into the area of business name approved, which 143 completed business registration, mainly engaged in international trade, bonded logistics, cross-border business; Germany tvtech ring To complete the basic conservation science and technology, the United States North Europe Nuo of biodegradable lubricants such as 48 processing, warehousing projects signed investment contracts, protocol, of which 11 projects have been started construction; IMC imported goods sales center has been operating, ODG imports show center is to speed up the building, 5.7 million square meters of standard factory building, part has been put into use; and more than 220 projects is to follow up with