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Shandong Lingong backhoe loader B877
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Product: Shandong Lingong backhoe loader B877 
Valid Date: Long term effective
Last update: 2016-04-08 15:38
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A new design of the high price of the small multifunctional engineering machinery is B877, widely used in urban and rural highway construction and maintenance, cable laying, power and airport engineering, municipal construction, mountains and stones etc. all kinds of construction engineering.

1, equipped with low speed and high torque Weifang Diesel engine, China II emission requirements of low fuel consumption, strong power, high reliability.

2, the international famous brand electric shift gearbox, stalls after the first four four, manipulation is simple and quick; drive axle configuration of international famous brand, with electronic differential lock, through high; confined configuration of wet dual brake, carrying capacity, high reliability, more suitable for various bad condition.

3, using the load sensing full hydraulic steering system, steering light and fast, stable and reliable operation, the configuration of the hydraulic system with the combination of the logic function, can realize the mining operation compound action.

4, the use of reinforced mining boom, bucket rod, high reliability; boom swing with damping buffer, can ensure the smooth operation of the work; can be equipped with a standard bucket or telescopic rod, to meet the diverse needs of customers.

5, the application of integrated LCD monitor, human-computer interaction is high; the whole machine adopts centralized control, testing and maintenance is convenient, high reliability of electrical components.

6, all around for landing glass cab, vision, standard air conditioning, comfortable driving environment.

7, can be configured with a variety of mining or loading with, to meet the diverse needs of users.

Operating weight

参数项 参数值
8325~8625 Kg
Overall size (L * W *H) 5865×2270×2240 mm
Loading bucket capacity
1.0 m3
Bucket capaci
0.18 m3
Rated load
1800 Kg
Maximum traction
82 KN
Maximum breakout force
60 KN
Maximum unloading height 2716 mm
Max Climb Capability 22°
Maximum digging force 60 KN
Maximum digging depth 4329 mm
Maximum digging radius 5343 mm
Engine rated power
70 kW

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