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Shandong Lingong grader G9165
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Product: Shandong Lingong grader G9165 
Valid Date: Long term effective
Last update: 2016-03-26 08:48
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G9165 SDLG is based on the absorption of VOLVO on advanced technology research and development of a high speed, high efficiency, high precision and multi-purpose products, can realize the ground leveling and trenching, slope scraping, bulldozing, snow, loose, compaction, mixing cloth, etc., are widely used in highway, airport, defense engineering, mine the construction, road construction, water conservancy construction and improvement of farmland construction conditions.

1, the allocation of Weichai WP6G175E21 engine, with its perfect YD13 gearbox matching, to achieve the best performance and fuel efficiency, energy saving and high efficiency.

2, the hydraulic system of the double loop double pump quantitative machine working system pressure 21MPa, high work efficiency.

3, using Volvo technology, tray type working device of double cylinder driving, driving force, high reliability; blade with rotary load, high operation precision, is the first domestic industry.

4 box type structure, box beam welding, integrated modular design, after the Ripper and other ancillary equipment conveniently, and is not connected with the transmission system reliability, high impact load only to the rear frame,.

5, swing frame with free lubrication, maintenance free composite bearing, small friction coefficient, impact resistance, abrasion resistance and high reliability; the hydraulic locking cylinder positioning, convenient operation.

6, according to a new generation of cab ergonomic design, good sealing performance, safety and comfort; the clear vision, can clearly see the front wheel, blade, convenient operation, high operation precision.

7, the electric centralized control, three level alarm electronic monitoring system, digital stepping instrument display, man-machine interaction, convenient detection and maintenance; engine throttle linkage control uses the hands and feet, so that the engine in the set speed, reduce the labor intensity of the operator.

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