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Gasoline engine 1e40-8 (443R)
Gasoline engine 1E40-8 (443R)Fit machine model: Brush cutter CG443R MODEL:1E40F-8MAX.POWER(kw/r/min):1.47/6500DISPLACEM
petrol engine TB33A
2 Stroke petrol engine TB33Anew type air filter and starterMODEL:TB43AMAX.POWER(kw/r/min):1.25/6500DISPLACEMENT(CC):42.
4 stroke gasoline engine 139F-2
Gasoline engine 139F-2 4 strokeMODEL: 139F-2 MAX.POWER(kw/r/min): 0.8/6500 DISPLACEMENT(CC): 33.5 DIAMETER OFCYLINDER(m
4 stroke gasoline engine 140FA
Gasoline engine 140FAcopy GX354 stroke engineMODEL:140FAMAX.POWER(kw/r/min):1.0/6500DISPLACEMENT(CC):37.7DIAMETER OFCYL
2 stroke gasoline engine 1E34F
2 stroke gasoline engine 1e34FMODEL:1E34FMAX.POWER(kw/r/min):0.75/7500DISPLACEMENT(CC):25.4DIAMETER OF CYLINDER(mm):34M
two stroke gasoline engine TU26
two stroke gasoline engine tu26MODEL:TU26MAX.POWER(kw/r/min):0.7/6500DISPLACEMENT(CC):25.6DIAMETER OF CYLINDER(mm):33MI