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what is the small gasoline engine?
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What is the small gasoline engine?

Sometimes you may be somewhat confusing about the small gasoline engine. For example, a typical garden lawn mower engine may be small compared with the engine in your car.

However, the lawn mower engine seems little larger compare to the engine of garden brush cutter. Similarly, the engine in your car is quite large compared to the engine found in a grass trimmer, but it would be much smaller than the engine in a large cruise ship. As you can see, the meaning of “small engine” is relative depending on your point of view.

However, when we use the term small engine in this course, we’re referring to a gas-powered engine that produces less than 25 hp (horsepower). At this point, you may not be familiar with horsepower, but please remember the larger the engine, the more horsepower it produces

Figure 1 shows a typical small engine which widely be used on brush cutter, and it smaller than the lawn mower engine.

Finger 1. Small gasoline engine used on brush cutter.

As you’ll learn, small engines are used in various applications, which be used in grass trimmer, hedge trimmer, brush cutter, lawn mower, power sprayer, engine power blower and many other outdoor equipment machines.