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Help to solve the financing problem district business bureau held a foreign trade enterprise financi

Date:2023-02-21  Hits:644
For further implementation in the base of foreign trade policy, to solve the problems of the foreign trade enterprise financing difficulties, actively set up financial institutions and enterprises cooperation platform, on February 15, district business bureau joint financial institutions held a country-specific ones district foreign trade enterprise financial policy fields. Linyi LanTian multinational procurement co., LTD., linyi port co., LTD., linyi mall, head of the overseas investment co., LTD., and so on more than 40 foreign trade enterprises.

Event, icbc, China construction bank, post office, bank, China merchants bank, societe generale, sinosure, head of the business such as are introduced according to the characteristics of foreign trade enterprises to introduce credit products, precision to promote the foreign trade enterprise financing and foreign exchange hedge policy, strive to have foreign trade enterprises to solve the financing problem of capital requirements and the risk of foreign exchange receipts and payments.

"For the purpose of this activity is by government plays, strengthen the cooperation between enterprises and financial institutions, to promote the fact mutually beneficial cooperation and common development." District business bureau, party secretary, director, said at the meeting, establish resplendence ardently hope that through the face-to-face communication, all financial institutions can be according to the characteristics of the foreign trade enterprises, provide various forms of supply chain financing products, needs to satisfy the business enterprise financial services and better serve the enterprise development.

District business bureau deputy director of Allen Lew, points out that in the international environment under the complex background of the grim, all levels of departments issued a series of policies and measures of economic operation, let go of the export of used cars, country-specific ones area also actively attract the shenzhen nine party through Hudson, head of international competitive international logistics service provider. Hope the thorough research policy, foreign trade enterprises development advice, fully enjoy the dividend policy.

Stability is a matter of global economy, foreign trade is the important content to realize high level open. In 2022, country-specific ones area import and export total reached 20 billion yuan, 18% more than last year. Next, district business bureau will be further play the role of good fact docking "contacts", so financial institutions to help enterprises reduce the financing cost, reasonable use policy credit insurance, strengthen the foreign exchange risk control ability, promote the sound and rapid development of foreign trade enterprises for sustained, rapid and sound economic development provided a powerful impetus.