2021 China (Beijing) International Amusement Equipment Expo

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Time 2021-05-22 - 2021-05-24
City Beijing
Address Tianzhu Airport Development Zone, Shunyi District, Beijing
Hallname China International Exhibition Center-New Hall
Sponsor China Amusement Park Association
Undertaker China Amusement Park Association

Exhibition Introduction

The 2021 China (Beijing) International Amusement Equipment Expo (the 37th) will be held in Beijing·China International Exhibition Center (new hall) on May 22-24, 2021, with a scale of over 60,000 square meters and more than 600 exhibitors. It is expected 50,000 professional buyers.

China International Amusement Equipment Expo (CAE) has been successfully held for 36 sessions. It is a brand event created by the China Amusement Park Association (CAAPA). It attracts more than 100,000 professional buyers from more than 40 countries and regions around the world to visit and Purchasing is one of the most popular and influential professional brand exhibitions in the international tourism industry.

Range of exhibition

◆Amusement facilities in amusement parks and parks: roller coasters, scooters, ferris wheels, bumper cars, merry-go-rounds, ferris wheel, sightseeing ropeways, amusement robots, go-karts and other types of slewing and swinging amusement machines. Remote control equipment, hitting game consoles, community fitness equipment, inflatable amusement equipment.
◆Scenic spot/zoo/old town homestay equipment: glass plank road, fountain water feature, cableway cable car, wooden house villa and other landscape equipment, scenic spot information management equipment, scenic spot service facilities, scenic spot transportation, sports equipment, scenic second consumer products, etc.
◆Electronic amusement machine series: electronic game machines and peripherals, simulators, video game software and other entertainment, puzzle and entertainment facilities and equipment.
◆Water amusement equipment: wave-making equipment, water slides, bumper boats, yachts, models, water fountains, water treatment equipment, photoelectric combined equipment, rafting equipment.
◆Motion movie: 3D, 4D movie equipment, water screen movie, fog screen movie equipment, performance equipment, special digital camera equipment, theater equipment, stereo movie special projector, special audio, lighting, vending machine, playground and entertainment center management Software etc.
◆Children’s amusement facilities: strollers, battery cars, swing cars, preschool facilities, children’s playgrounds, inflatables, children’s play frames, swings, swing chairs, turntables, slides, naughty castles, trampolines, seesaws, combined amusement toys, safety mats, Educational toys, fun and fun.
◆Toy products: stuffed toys, dolls, wooden/bamboo/paper toys, electronic electric toys, plastic non-electronic toys, inflatable toys, educational toys, models, mechanical toys, and holiday products.
◆Scenic area (scenic spot) tourism design planning
◆Theme park planning, design, construction
◆Swimming pool facilities ◆Museum/Technology center
◆Ice and snow entertainment products ◆Carnival equipment
◆Inflatable amusement equipment ◆Carnival or market
◆Unpowered amusement equipment ◆Themed entertainment
◆ Scenic equipment and supplies ◆Dining equipment
◆Indoor children's park equipment

Way to contact
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