2021 The 4th Shandong (Linyi) Food Industry Expo

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Time 2021-04-24 - 2021-04-26
City Linyi City
Address Linyi International Expo Center
Hallname Linyi International Expo Center
Sponsor Shandong Geyi International Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
Undertaker Shandong Geyi International Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

Introduction to the 4th Shandong (Linyi) Food Industry Expo in 2021

In order to promote the "three products and one standard" and "time-honored" products, increase the national awareness and influence of the "Food Safety Shandong" brand, further promote the "ecological Yimeng Mountain, high-quality agricultural products" brand, and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the province's food industry. The "2021 Shandong (Linyi) Food Industry Expo" will be held at the Linyi International Expo Center on March 27-29, 2021.

2021 4th Shandong (Linyi) Food Industry Expo Participation Fees

1. International standard booths (3×3): 5000 yuan/
piece , plus 1000 yuan/ piece for double-opening; 2. Special booths: domestic enterprises: 500 yuan/㎡, starting at 36㎡.
Note: There are no supporting facilities in the indoor vacant space, and exhibitors should design and build their own exhibits.
Scale : Hall 1, 2

Scope of Exhibits at the 4th Shandong (Linyi) Food Industry Expo in 2021

1. Snack food exhibition area: all kinds of snack foods, roasted nuts and roasted foods, puffed foods, canned foods, marine snacks, preserved fruit products, etc.

2. Beverage exhibition area: fruit juice, mineral water, carbonated drinks, herbal tea, functional drinks, protein drinks, coffee, tea, honey and other drinks.
3. Food ingredients and condiments exhibition area: display flavors, spices, condiments and various food raw materials.
4. Baby food exhibition area: milk powder, complementary food, snack food, fruit juice drinks, sugar products, health and nutrition products, etc.
5. Health food exhibition area: functional foods, nutrition, dietary supplements, organic foods, sports nutrition, health supplements, vitamins, protein powder series, lecithin, cod liver oil, grape seed capsules, spirulina, etc.
6. imported food exhibition area: instant food, snack food, health food, coffee, tea, non-alcoholic beverages, etc.
7. National and regional characteristic food exhibition area: green organic food, agricultural and sideline native products, ethnic characteristic products, agricultural and animal husbandry products, new resource food, vegetable oil, etc.
8. Time-honored food exhibition area: all kinds of time-honored baked goods, meat products, condiments, tea, etc.

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Booth reservation: 18553985909 Golden Phoenix (same number on WeChat)

18553985910 Tian Lin (same number on WeChat)

WeChat Official Account: Food Micro Information (ID: shipinwzx)

Media cooperation: QQ 2228662560

Exhibition official website: http://www.geyisp.com/

"Linyi wins Shandong", the Linyi market has become a bridgehead for wine, food, and fast-moving consumer goods companies across the country to develop Shandong and expand the northern market. The organizing committee warmly welcomes domestic and foreign merchants to visit the exhibition and discuss cooperation.

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