The 23rd Shandong International Water Exhibition in 2021

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Time 2021-04-27 - 2021-04-29
City Jinan City
Address Intersection of Second Ring West Road and Rizhao Road
Hallname Shandong International Convention and Exhibition Center
Sponsor Jinan Jinnuo Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Undertaker Jinan Jinnuo Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Exhibition Introduction

2021 is destined to be a year full of hope and beautiful. The 23rd Shandong International Water Show will be held at the Shandong International Convention and Exhibition Center on April 27-29, 2021. The exhibition is expected to open a large scale of 60,000 square meters, with more than 1,000 exhibitors participating. The exhibition will continue to uphold the concept of "innovation and upgrade". Under the background of national efforts to create economic internal circulation, the exhibition will closely integrate the market needs of the new normal of the economy, the conversion of new and old kinetic energy, and the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure in the post-epidemic period. Vertically dig the upstream and downstream of the water treatment industry, and vigorously broaden the margin of exhibits horizontally, so that the exhibition can realize: industrial pure water, civil water purification, urban water supply and drainage, smart water, sewage treatment, sludge disposal, water engineering, environmental monitoring, building water supply and drainage , As well as membranes, instruments, pumps, valves, pipelines, pharmaceuticals, sterilization and disinfection engineering and technology, as well as major equipment and related supporting components. The 2021 conference will continue to join hands with the Shandong Urban Water Supply and Drainage Association, the Water Treatment Equipment Professional Committee of the Shandong Home Appliance Industry Association, and the Shandong Environmental Science Society to jointly create a membrane and water treatment exhibition area, an end water purification exhibition area, a sewage wastewater and sludge exhibition area, and pipe pump valves. Six exhibition sections: exhibition area, urban water affairs exhibition area, and smart environmental protection. Provide audiences with complete water industry technology and service solutions across the three major areas of municipality, civil use and industry. In addition, the conference will continue to launch more than 20 high-level thematic forums and activities, allowing audiences to discuss industry innovative solutions face-to-face with senior industry experts and peer elites.

Participation fees
1. Standard booth (3mX3m=9m²)
luxury standard exhibition: domestic enterprise 8800 yuan (RMB)/unit, foreign-funded enterprise USD 2200/unit
ordinary standard exhibition: domestic enterprise 7800 yuan (RMB)/unit, foreign-funded enterprise USD 2000/ a
Notes: facilities: table, two chairs, corporate fascia, 220V power socket, two spotlights; 20% of the cost of angular position of the subject
2, special equipment exhibition:
A class: 1000 yuan (RMB) / m², class B :900 yuan (RMB)/m² (minimum rent of 36m²)
Remarks: The clean floor special booth has no supporting facilities, and the exhibitor shall design, build and decorate by himself. Special decoration management fee: 20 yuan/㎡/exhibition period
3. Outdoor open space:
650 Yuan (RMB)/m², (rent from 36m², only available for the actual outdoor rental space)
4. Technical seminars and academic exchanges: Fees: 5000 yuan (RMB) per session (limited to 2 hours) 

Range of exhibition

※Membrane and membrane modules, membrane separation technology, equipment and services
※Terminal water purification equipment and related accessories
※Healthy drinking water pipes, pipe fittings
※Air purifiers, oil fume purifiers, fresh air units, etc.
※Pump valves, pipes, instrumentation and automation control
※Sewage and sludge treatment equipment
※Water treatment chemicals, ultraviolet rays, ozone and other sterilization equipment
※Water and engineering services

Way to contact
Contact:Organizing Committee
Address:Room 1104, Block B, East Ring International Plaza, No. 3966, Second Ring East Road, Jinan City