2021 Asia Consumer Electronics Show (CEE ASIA)

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Time 2021-06-26 - 2021-06-28
City Beijing
Address Beijing Yichuang International Convention and Exhibition Center
Hallname Beijing Yichuang International Convention and Exhibition Center
Sponsor China Consumer Electronics Association, Senzhan Exhibition Group
Undertaker Senzhan International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

<<Market prospects:

Consumer electronics has become the core driving force of a new round of industrial transformation

With the rapid development of 5G applications, artificial intelligence, smart home, robotics, health technology, big data, Internet of Things and other technologies, the consumer electronics industry is entering a new stage of transformation and development, becoming the core driving force of a new round of industrial transformation , Is havin an extremely profound impact on the world economy, social progress and human life. With the continuous upgrading of technological innovation capabilities and market consumer demand, China’s position in the global consumer electronics field has become more prominent, and the Chinese consumer electronics market has become a domestic and foreign company The main battlefield for competition.

In order to implement the requirements of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China to promote the deep integration of the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and the real economy, serve the country’s innovation-driven development strategy, conform to the new global technological revolution and industrial transformation trends, and promote global influence With the construction of the Science and Technology Innovation Center, Senzhan Exhibition Group will build a global consumer electronics industry cooperation and exchange platform in Beijing to promote and lead the integrated development of the consumer electronics industry and technological innovation.

<<<about CEE:

The Asian International Consumer Electronics Show (CEE) started in 2002 and is a well-known exhibition brand under the Senzhan International Exhibition Co., Ltd. It is held in Beijing every June and the autumn exhibition is held in Nanjing, opening the Chinese consumer electronics market "One Summer The new pattern of "one autumn, one north and one south". At present, it has become one of the top domestic high-tech products and solutions display platforms. The most cutting-edge new technologies, new products, new applications, and new ideas will be displayed intensively, covering smart medical, consumer electronics, artificial intelligence, and 5G applications , Internet+, Big Data, Smart City, Internet of Things, AR/VR and other fields.

As the vane of the Asian Consumer Electronics Show, the Asian International Consumer Electronics Show (CEE2019) attracted 50,362 participants from all over the world to visit CEE to experience various innovative technologies and products. 600+ exhibiting companies from 36 countries and regions displayed 26 product categories , The exhibition area has exceeded 60,000 square meters, both in terms of the scale of exhibition and the number of buyers, setting a new record.

In order to accelerate the rapid development of my country's consumer electronics industry and provide efficient zero-distance docking for the upstream and downstream industries of consumer electronics, CEE2021 Asia International Consumer Electronics Show will be held in Beijing from June 26-28, 2021, and the exhibition area will reach 60,000 in 2021 Square meters, 100,000 attendees, bringing together 800 leading consumer electronics brands, making it the largest industry event and the best platform for communication and cooperation in the Asian consumer electronics industry.

<<<Audience category:

CEE participants mainly come from the consumer technology industry in China and Asia, including 9,720 executives, 16,029 purchasing personnel, as well as other international buyers, supermarket chains, department stores, investment franchisees, retailers, distributors, Finance, medical, engineers, education, government departments, investment, incubators, media, scientific research institutions, mass consumers, engineering developers, market analysts, influential people in industry associations, and senior management above C-level of world-renowned companies personnel. I will personally feel the tremendous impact CEE has brought about in promoting innovation and helping companies to promote their brands.

<<<Enterprise Honor:

   In order to encourage enterprises to innovate in technology, establish an honest brand of domestic high-end electronic products, create an image of high-end electronic products, and promote the healthy development of the industry. The Asia International Consumer Electronics Show Organizing Committee plans to select a group of brand enterprises and products with honest management, advanced technology and high quality, and award honorary awards during the Expo.

The content of the awards set up in this exhibition: (Exhibitors will be qualified for selection after they pass the qualification review)

◇Gold Award of Asia International Consumer Electronics Show

◇China Consumer Electronics Most Valuable Brand Award

◇China Consumer Electronics Technology Innovation Award

◇China's top ten innovative smart products

◇China Internet of Things Application Award

◇Self-designed awards: companies can design awards based on their own advantages and positioning

<<<Concurrent Forum:

Dozens of high-end events will be held during the exhibition, and well-known domestic and foreign industry experts and business leaders will be invited to share the latest views and trends and create an annual industry event.  

China Consumer Electronics Industry Summit Forum and Innovation Good Project Summit

China Smart Health Technology Summit Forum

China Smart City Summit Forum

China 5G Innovation Conference

China Smart Home Summit Forum

China Consumer Electronics Global Distributor Conference

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