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The 16th Asian sporting goods and Fashion Expo 2021 ispo

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Time 2021-01-14 - 2021-01-16
City Beijing
Address Tianzhu Airport Development Zone, Shunyi District, Beijing
Hallname China International Exhibition Center - new pavilion
Sponsor Organizer: Munich Exhibition
Undertaker Group organizer: Munich Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Welcome to ispo Beijing, a well-known sporting goods trading platform in the Asia Pacific region. The core of ispo is to operate its products and professional services, including its products and services. Ispo Beijing the 15th Asian sporting goods and Fashion Fair ended successfully. 463 exhibitors and 682 brands gathered in ispo Beijing to demonstrate their product innovation. More than 30000 spectators attended the venue, and the Asia Pacific snow industry forum and other rich activities gathered at the same time to witness the annual event of the sports industry. Ispo Beijing 2021 will be held from January 14 to 16, 2021 (Thursday - Saturday) at China International Exhibition Center (New Museum) in Beijing.

Exhibits range: 

winter sports, snowboarding, snowboarding, skiing equipment and accessories, skating and ice hockey, ice and snow services (tourism, clubs, IP events, science and technology, training), outdoor sports climbing, camping, water sports, cross-country running, outdoor travel, sports services (clubs, sports videos, IP events, training, safety, education, venues, sports rehabilitation Capital chain) sports training, running, triathlon, yoga, fitness, swimming, ball games, comprehensive training, sports protection and rehabilitation, sports electronics and technology functional textiles, functional fabrics, accessories, materials, technology, services, equipment, testing, trends

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