The 11th Beijing International Automobile Manufacturing Expo

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Time 2021-06-09 - 2021-06-11
City Beijing
Address 6 North Third Ring Road East, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Hallname Beijing · China International Exhibition Center
Sponsor Beijing Asia Pacific Rui Exhibition Service Co., Ltd
[exhibition background]

China's market is an important engine driving the growth of global automobile market, and is also the distribution center of global automobile manufacturing industry. As an important pillar industry of national economy, automobile industry is an important carrier to realize "made in China 2025", and also a landmark industry reflecting national competitiveness. At present, China's automobile industry is realizing the strategic transformation from "manufacturing power" to "manufacturing power", from "made in China" to "China's Intelligent Manufacturing", so as to realize the comprehensive upgrading and remodeling of the industry. At the same time, with the development of automobiles in the future, new car manufacturing enterprises and new travel modes are subverting the automobile industry, and a new round of industrial transformation of "intelligent, electric, lightweight and networked" vehicles is coming.

[exhibition highlights] the exhibition platform has been improved in an all-round way

More than 200 auto exhibitions have been held in 2007, which have attracted more than 3000 exhibitors from all over the world, At present, it has established long-term cooperative relations with embassies and business associations of 21 countries. The exhibition enjoys a good reputation in the industry and has a good reputation. It is known as the wind vane of the front market of automobile industry. During the exhibition, more than 30 academic conferences will be held to build a "one-stop" procurement platform for China's automobile manufacturing industry chain with the theme of "gathering excellent equipment to create the source of high-quality automobiles".

Biame's famous exhibitors at home and abroad in the past are: China Automotive Engineering Group Co., Ltd., No.9 Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd., Great Wall Co., Ltd., BYD, abb, Siemens, Shougang, KUKA, fanco, stobil, Panasonic, Kawasaki, KOMA, Xinsong, Haitong, Neustadt, otonix, Roma, Laijia, Bosch, Han nationality, Huagong, Tuanjie, Everbright Chutian, keenshi, strama, Sanfeng precision , AVIC Weiner, adek, Ruixiang, fulimei, Suntech, Haojie, Jiarong, Yingke, Geyuan, Xishi, far east Tianhai, Taixin, beilian, standard, chuanshang, Baifu, jinyuelai, Jinhe, Jiulong, xingjingke, Hetong Weiye, Hisense, liming, thunderhorse, sprey, Kunyi, Datong precision, Kaisen, Kaiao, Benda, Xiangyi enterprises, ABI Klux, Inoue, Tyco Electronics, Phoenix Contact, Tuojiang Electromechanical, datu electronics, CGN, zhouri electronics, kumace, xinminghe, limako, beizisuo, Dalian Otto, Tianjin qisuo, Beiyi fakang, Guangzhou mingluo, Jinan Aotu, Chengzhou Baoma, bozhiwang, Atlas Copco, Jiashun intelligent, Baojin laser, puma group, Omron, musashijing Mi, Jiangsu Hengtong, feifanshi and other well-known enterprises gather, covering the whole industry chain of automobile manufacturing.

The audience of biame mainly comes from FAW Group, Shaanxi Automobile Group, Beijing Benz, brilliance BMW, Volkswagen, Shanghai GM, BAIC holding, Hyundai, SAIC Group, BAIC Foton, GAC group, BYD, Chery, great wall, Geely, Hafei, Lifan, Shenlong, Jiangnan, Hongta, youth skylark, Jilin Tongtian, Zhengzhou Yutong, Ouman heavy vehicle, Beijing Automotive Research Institute More than 100 automobile manufacturers, such as Bosch group, electric equipment company, minshi group, Delphi, Magna, BAIC Lear, Dongfeng auto parts, visited and discussed. At the same time, the exhibition held a number of industry forums, which were praised by industry organizations and relevant government agencies.

The 11th biame will be held in Beijing China International Exhibition Center from June 09 to 11, 2021. It will continue to keep up with the trend of world automotive engineering technology, focus on the future development of automotive technology, to show new technology and new concepts such as "intelligent, electric, lightweight, networking", and build a one-stop automobile engineering platform of design, R & D, production and manufacturing. Bring together experts and scholars from all over the world in the field of scientific research and industry to show innovative cutting-edge technologies and solutions.

[exhibition income]

1. New product release and innovative product award: together with national and even global new products and new technologies, the auto manufacturing industry has been highly concerned and participated in the authoritative innovation product selecion.

2. Direct contact with automotive manufacturing engineers and customers: contact with enterprise decision makers and R & D engineers.

3. Star effect: display and discuss technology with leading manufacturers in the same industry at home and abroad.

4. Publicity and promotion: provide new product promotion, one-to-one interview special articles promotion, micro blog and wechat promotion, advertising and other large-scale and high-density strong publicity to expand more business opportunities.

5. Three dimensional promotion: integrate media resources, give consideration to breadth and depth, and provide three-dimensional services for exhibitors from the perspective of exhibition, exhibition period report and post exhibition tracking.

6. Target orientation: strive to become an annual automobile event with international influence, which is "industry leading, Asia first, world class".

7. We should pay attention to the growth of domestic independent innovation enterprises, and provide a platform for domestic growth enterprises to broaden international and domestic market channels.

8. Three dimensional value-added service: the exhibition will serve the exhibitors through the exhibition prospect, media interview during the exhibition period and media report after the exhibition.

[exhibition scope]

The latest achievements of domestic and foreign large automobile groups and new energy vehicle manufacturing development

Automobile design and development, trial production project

New energy and intelligent connected vehicles

Laser and welding engineering and coating engineering automobile materials and lightweight

CNC machine tools, machining, stamping and other manufacturing processes →

Automobile mould, cutting tool, 3D printing

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