2021 Jinan International Hardware, electrical and Mechanical Exhibition

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Time 2021-03-05 - 2021-03-08
City Jinan
Address Shandong International Convention and Exhibition Center
Hallname Shandong International Convention and Exhibition Center
Sponsor Shandong Provincial People's government, China Federation of machinery industry
2021 Jinan International Hardware, electrical and Mechanical Exhibition

Time: March 5-8, 2021 address: Shandong International Convention and Exhibition Center

1、 Organization

Sponsor: Shandong Provincial People's government, China Machinery Industry Federation

Undertakers: Shandong Economic and Information Commission, Shandong science and Technology Department, Shandong housing and urban rural development department, Shandong transportation department, Shandong commerce department, Jinan Municipal People's government, Shandong Machinery Industry Association, Shandong Agricultural Machinery Administration Bureau, and Shandong mechanical engineering society

Exhibitor: Guangzhou Huaya Exhibition Service Co., Ltd

2、 Background of the exhibition

The exhibition was jointly sponsored by Shandong Provincial People's government and China Machinery Industry Federation. It was founded in 2006 and is scheduled to be held in Jinan from February to March every year. It focuses on the latest technologies and products of CNC machine tools, industrial automation and power transmission, industrial robots, 3D printing technology and equipment, welding and cutting equipment, electrical and electrical appliances, bearings and equipment, engineering machinery, automobile and transportation equipment, energy and power equipment, manufacturing informatization, fluid equipment, etc. It aims to promote the exchange and cooperation between domestic and foreign equipment manufacturing enterprises.

Ieme Shandong Equipment Expo has been successfully held for 15 consecutive times. The total exhibition area is 500000 square meters, with 515368 visitors. It has attracted enterprises from more than 30 countries and regions such as the United States, Japan, South Korea, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Israel and Taiwan. After ten years of innovation and development, ieme Shandong Equipment Expo has become an important platform to show the development achievements and the latest products of China's equipment manufacturing industry and promote the exchange and cooperation between domestic and foreign enterprises. It has made brilliant achievements in the scale, operation mode, popularity of the exhibition, exhibitor level, professional buyer invitation, exhibition height, etc. The organizing committee has also formed good strategic cooperation relations with Aichi Prefecture of Japan, Korea Machinery Industry Promotion Association, American Machinery Manufacturing Technology Association, Israel China cooperation committee and Taiwan Machinery Industry Association.

3、 Exhibition scope:

1. Hardware tools: hand tools, electric tools, pneumatic tools, pneumatic tools, weighing instruments and measuring tools, abrasive tools, steam protection tools, hydraulic tools, grinding tools, measuring tools, garden tools, lifting tools, cutting and cutting tools, logistics handling tools, DIY tools, tool boxes, tools, fixtures, grinding wheels, drill bits;

2. Hardware products: standard parts, valves, bearings, seals, hydraulic parts, casters, (lifting) rigging, locks, fasteners, chains, screens, wires and cables, ventilation equipment, building hardware, decoration hardware, plumbing hardware, furniture, bathroom hardware; hardware tool accessories, etc;

3. Hardware and electrical: motor, air compressor, pressure vessel, cleaning machine, compressor, high frequency induction heating equipment, hydraulic lifting platform, speed reducer, grinding machine, bench drill, pump valve, instrument, high and low voltage electrical appliances, generator set, electromechanical product accessories;

4. Mechanical equipment: engraving and marking equipment, gas equipment, drying equipment, lifting machinery, construction machinery, engineering machinery, conveying machinery, grinding and polishing equipment, cleaning machinery, woodworking machinery, engineering machinery, stamping equipment, forging equipment, testing equipment, packaging machinery, assembly machinery, spraying equipment, casting and surface treatment equipment, metal processing machinery, etc ;

4、 Exhibition expenses

Standard booth: 7800 yuan / booth;

Bare land: 800 yuan / m2, starting from 36m2;

Remarks: 1. Booth specification: international standard 3M × 3M, three side hoardings, enterprise name fascia board, one table and two chairs, two spotlights, and 220 V power socket

2. If the enterprise builds special decoration, it must pay special decoration management fee to the exhibition hall separately. Bare land only provides space of corresponding area, excluding any supporting facilities. If necessary, it will be rented separately.

5、 Contact information

Guangzhou Huaya Exhibition Service Co., Ltd

Contact person: Chen Jin 18620712559 (same as wechat)


Email: chenjin666@163.com

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