2021 Changchun International Equipment Manufacturing Expo Changchun Manufacturing Expo

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Time 2021-03-25 - 2021-03-27
City Changchun
Address Changchun International Convention and Exhibition Center
Hallname Changchun International Convention and Exhibition Center
Sponsor China Council for the promotion of international trade Changchun Branch
2021 Changchun International Equipment Manufacturing Expo Changchun Manufacturing Expo

Time: March 25-27, 2021

Venue: Changchun International Convention and Exhibition Center

Exhibition organization

Organizer: Changchun Branch of China Council for the promotion of international trade

Executive Agency: Guangzhou Huaya Exhibition Service Co., Ltd

Background and significance

In order to implement the opinions of Changchun on speeding up the comprehensive revitalization and development of Changchun old industrial base and concentrate on building advanced equipment manufacturing industry, the 13th China Changchun international advanced equipment manufacturing industry expo 2021 is planned to be held from March 25 to 27, 2021, so as to play a platform and promote the city's efforts to create a "made in China 2025" national demonstration area and a national new industrialization demonstration base.

As a pilot city of "made in China 2025", Changchun will fully implement the development concept of "innovation, coordination, green, open and sharing", adhere to the basic policy of "innovation driven, quality first, green development, structural optimization and talent-oriented", and focus on promoting the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry and improving quality and efficiency, so as to accelerate the new generation of information technology and manufacturing Taking deep industry integration as the main line, focusing on the construction of a new manufacturing system, regional collaborative innovation system, talent training system and policy guarantee system with Changchun characteristics, we will actively promote the branding of traditional industries, the high-end of pillar industries, the scale of emerging industries, and the intellectualization of manufacturing enterprises. We will strive to promote the collaborative innovation of industry, University and research, carry out industrial strong foundation projects, and promote manufacturing The pilot demonstration will be carried out in the following eight aspects: integration of industry and Internet, promotion of integration of manufacturing industry and intelligent technology, implementation of comprehensive supporting reform of private economy, strengthening construction of talent support system, promotion of international cooperation, and development of green manufacturing demonstration, so as to promote the transformation and upgrading of Changchun industry to innovation, cluster, high-end, brand, opening and green development, and strive to become the transformation, upgrading and innovation of northeast industry We should develop the Experimental Zone, the innovation center of Northeast Asia's opening and cooperation, and become a strong market of equipment manufacturing industry with international and domestic competitiveness.

The exhibition will invite domestic and foreign intelligent equipment enterprises and industry experts and scholars to join the conference, exchange cutting-edge information and discuss, which is conducive to promoting the development of intelligent equipment related industries in our province and promoting industrial progress. Efforts will be made to build Changchun Intelligent Equipment Manufacturing Expo into an intelligent manufacturing exchange platform for the three northeast provinces. The organizing committee will create another brand exhibition of Changchun Convention and exhibition industry with brand-new concept and first-class service. Changchun will be built into a leading intelligent manufacturing city at home and abroad. Let "made in China 2025" effectively integrate with global "industry 4.0".

Invite relevant enterprises at home and abroad to participate in the exhibition, and invite guests, exhibitors and professional visitors to visit the exhibition. The passenger flow during the exhibition period will reach more than tens of thousands of people, which will play a driving role in the economy of Changchun City and our province, and create a business card of Changchun Convention and exhibition city.

The construction of investment promotion platform, various project docking meetings and seminars held in the exhibition will play a positive role in promoting the investment attraction of advanced equipment manufacturing industry in our province.

Five exhibition areas

Advanced equipment exhibition area, industrial automation and robot exhibition area, new energy vehicles and parts exhibition area, medical equipment and packaging exhibition area, intelligent industrial park, maker space promotion exhibition area. 40000 square meters of exhibition area, more than 2000 booths and more than 100000 professional visitors

Supporting activities

▇ 2021 Changchun international advanced equipment Manufacturing Expo

▇ 2021 Changchun International Intelligent Equipment Technology Forum ▇ robot application demonstration

▇ the project docking meeting, negotiation meeting and investment promotion meeting will play a positive role in promoting the investment promotion of intelligent equipment industry in our province.

Exhibition scope

Exhibition area of advanced equipment and manufacturing technology: advanced intelligent machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment, aerospace, optoelectronics, intelligent measurement and control components, key basic parts, major integrated intelligent equipment, etc

Industrial automation and robot exhibition area: modern industrial automation application products, 3D printers, VR equipment; robot local machine, machine vision core components, AGV unmanned handling and conveying products, robot development platform and software technology, robot functional components and parts, robot application products and full set of solutions for intelligent factory.

Exhibition area of new energy vehicles and parts: pure electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, fuel cell vehicles, light electric vehicles, natural gas (liquefied gas) vehicles, alcohol fuel vehicles and other alternative fuel vehicles; parts and components assembly of electric vehicles and other alternative energy vehicles;

Pharmaceutical equipment and packaging equipment exhibition area: pharmaceutical machinery and equipment, packaging machinery and equipment, code spraying equipment, pure water equipment, packaging materials, drug testing and analysis instruments and storage equipment, and pharmaceutical machinery related products.

Advanced equipment Industrial Park / maker space promotion exhibition area: display of advanced equipment Industrial Park, maker space and industrial Incubation Park in all urban areas of the province: recommend the characteristics of each park, interpret the supporting policies, attract more enterprises to settle in and promote regional economic development.

Exhibition expenses:


Enterprise standard booth (9 m2) indoor spac (36 m2) and outdoor spac (60 m2)

Domestic enterprises RMB 7200 / 3M × 3M RMB 700 / m2 RMB 300 / m2

International enterprises USD 2000 / 3M × 3M USD 150 / m2usd 60 / m2

Note 1: the above quotation does not include special decoration management fee, exhibition equipment rental fee and additional electricity rental and installation fee. Additional 10% will be charged for the corner of standard booth.

Note 2: the standard booth is 3M × 3M, equipped with white hoarding, one table, two chairs, two lamps, Chinese and English lintels, and 220 V power socket.

Note 3: the net space in the museum is 36 m2, and the non-standard booths are not equipped with any facilities, and are designed and decorated by the exhibitors themselves or entrusted.

Note 4: provided by the exhibition

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