2021 China International Aerospace Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Exhibition

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Time 2021-03-18 - 2021-03-21
City Xi'an
Address Xi'an International Convention and Exhibition Center, Shaanxi
Hallname Xi'an International Convention and Exhibition Center, Shaanxi
Sponsor Kailuoqi Exhibition Co., Ltd
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2021 China International Aerospace Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Exhibition

2021 the 10th China International Aerospace new materials, new technology and parts Application Exhibition

Time: March 18-21, 2021 location: Xi'an International Convention and Exhibition Center, Shaanxi

"Made in China 2025" accelerates the development of China's aerospace industry in the 13th five year plan

China made 2025 and China 13th Five-Year one belt, one road plan, and the draft plan clearly stated that they should support the aviation industry. China's aviation industry will face better development opportunities under the promotion of the strategy of "making China 2025" and building the "one belt and one road". First, the development of the industry has been highly valued and widely concerned. The state has listed aviation equipment in the key direction of strategic emerging industries, and is implementing a major special project for large aircraft, which will soon start the engine project, which will promote the rapid development of China's aviation industry. Second, the rapid development of national economy provides broad market space for the development of civil aviation industry, especially the acceleration of airspace management reform and low altitude airspace opening up, which brings new market opportunities for the development of general aircraft. Third, industrial transformation and upgrading, innovation capacity and international competitiveness have been significantly enhanced, which will provide a good scientific and technological and industrial foundation for accelerating the development of aviation industry. Four, the one belt, one road national strategy of civil aviation will focus on regional civil aviation integration, realize interregional interconnection and promote the rapid development of civil aviation transportation. Market participants predict that China will introduce a new national science and technology plan during the 13th Five Year Plan period, and large-scale special investment plans in aerospace, electronics, aviation and other fields will be likely to be launched intensively. Aerospace, electronics and materials fields closely related to the national defense industry may be the top priority. It is estimated that the scale of a single special investment is expected to reach 100 billion yuan. This is a great opportunity for us Aerospace people to work hard.

Therefore, aerospace spare parts, new materials and new processes have huge market opportunities in the aerospace field. In order to promote the application of spare parts, new materials and new processes in the aerospace industry, the 10th China International Aerospace new materials, new technology and aerospace parts Application Exhibition and 2021 will be held in Xi'an International Convention and Exhibition Center from March 18 to 21, 2021 China International Aerospace Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Exhibition "takes this opportunity to gather elites from domestic and foreign industries. based on exhibition and linked by forum, it builds a bridge between enterprises and users, providing a platform for communication, interaction, exhibition and cooperation for the aerospace industry. We warmly welcome enterprises and institutions from all over the country and all over the world to participate in this exhibition, to display new products and technologies on site, to create business opportunities and continue to be brilliant!

Geographical advantages: Shaanxi Province is the largest military and industrial province in China, and Shaanxi Province is a big aviation industry province

Shaanxi has become the largest military industrial province and aviation industry province in China. It has strong scientific research and production strength, especially the aerospace military industry. It is the only region in China with complete rocket power and satellite industry chain, involving solid and liquid rocket motors, satellite borne equipment, satellite tracking, telemetry and remote control, ground application, aerospace computer, integrated circuit, and industrial automation The R & D and production of automation control and complete sets of equipment accounts for a quarter of the aviation professionals and high-end equipment in China. It is also an important base for the design, R & D and production of large and medium-sized aircraft in China, and has a number of exclusive aviation industry resources. Shaanxi national defense military industry system has a strong comprehensive scientific and technological strength. There are nearly 200 enterprises and institutions in Shaanxi, including nuclear industry, aviation, aerospace, shipbuilding and local army (excluding enterprises of electronics and troops in Shaanxi), which has basically formed an important scientific research, design, test and production base for China's national defense industry.

Xi'an -- the largest aerospace industrial base in Asia

As an important base of China's aerospace industry, Xi'an has a special status and reputation in China and even in the world. Aerospace industry is the pillar industry that Xi'an should develop. Xi'an has unique comparative advantages in developing aerospace high-tech industry in China. In June 2010, the State Council approved to upgrade the core Park of Xi'an Aviation base into "Shaanxi Aviation Economic and Technological Development Zone". Xi'an Aviation base has become the only economic and Technological Development Zone with aviation characteristics in China. Yanliang has the largest aircraft manufacturing enterprise in China, the only large and medium-sized aircraft design and Research Institute, the only flight test research and evaluation center and the only national only Aviation Economic and Technological Development Zone in China More than 30 kinds of military and civil aircraft were born here, such as "bombardment six", "yunqi", "Feibao", "Xinzhou 60", "Xinzhou 600", and early warning aircraft. Key industrial projects led by academicians Zhang Litang, Lu Bingheng and Cao Chunxiao gathered here Xi'an has formed an industrial system integrating aircraft design and research, production and manufacturing, flight test identification, teaching and training. It has the first aircraft R & D and manufacturing capacity, aviation industry supporting capacity and international subcontracting production capacity of aviation products.

Government's attention, support and organization

Under the guidance of 12 western provincial governments and jointly sponsored by the information center of the State Administration of national defense science, technology and industry, Shaanxi Provincial Office of national defense science and technology and aviation industry, and Xi'an Municipal People's government, Shaanxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Xi'an Yanliang National Aviation high-tech industrial base, Xi'an national civil aerospace industrial base, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, and China Aviation Industry Corporation Co organized by the Department. The organizing committee will invite government agencies, relevant industry associations and other relevant key regional government agencies to send documents to visit and negotiate on site, and organize the local government organizations to visit and discuss on site

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