Healthy China - the 6th Asia Pacific International Conference and Exhibition on health emergency and

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Time 2020-10-23 - 2020-10-25
City Shaanxi
Address Xi'an ancient capital culture Hotel
Hallname Xi'an ancient capital culture Hotel
Sponsor Harbin Medical Sciences University
Undertaker Shaanxi Provincial People's Hospital
Overview of the conference

At the end of Qihai, gengzichun, Jingchu, there were tens of thousands of infected people, selfless doctors, fearless protection, and people of the same heart. After several months of treatment, the epidemic was eliminated and finally won! Doctors and nurses across the country have the courage to take responsibility and dedication, showing great cohesion and combat effectiveness in the fight against the epidemic.

In order to build a scientific and efficient health emergency system and continuously improve the overall level of emergency response and rescue in China, Harbin Medical University, people's Health Publishing House, health emergency science professional committee of China Research Hospital Association, 2011 collaborative innovation center of health risk pre warning management of Fudan University, China health emergency electronic Journal of Chinese Medical Association, and China safety standard were established "Healthy China: the 6th Asia Pacific International Conference and Exhibition on health emergency and rescue" jointly organized by Beijing Medical Research Institute will gather in Xi'an from October 23 to October 25, 2020. The conference was held in the form of combination of offline and online, and made positive contributions to promoting the development of health emergency and rescue, realizing the safe China dream and building a healthy China.

The conference will focus on the epidemiology, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of epidemic infection, the role of emergency system in the treatment of epidemic infection, the progress and development of medicine in the post epidemic era, and pre hospital emergency care, etc., with the theme of "responsibility, protection, interruption, exploration - building the new great wall of the Chinese nation", and so on Effective early warning and blocking mechanism to build a new great wall to protect people's health for the Chinese nation!

Theme of the conference

Exploration of protection blocking

Subject of the report

1、 Main forum

Health emergency and rescue policy interpretation;

International health emergency and rescue advanced experience sharing

Sharing the advanced experience of health emergency and rescue in different provinces;

Discussion on the construction of health emergency and rescue standard system;

In the new era, Asia Pacific Health Emergency and rescue development trend;

Under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, China's health emergency construction analysis and thinking.

2、 Sub Forum

Forum on prevention and control of infectious diseases in primary medical institutions;

College Forum on health emergency management;

Pre hospital emergency Ji rescue Forum;

Forum on the construction of public health system in medical institutions.


Members of the Standing Committee and members of the Asia Pacific Health Emergency Committee must attend;

Directors, deputy directors and department heads of health and family planning commissions (bureaus) of provinces, cities and counties;

Director, deputy director and department head of Ji disease prevention and control center of each province (district and county);

Researchers engaged in emergency response, public health, infectious diseases and other related professional researchers in Colleges and universities across the country;

Leaders of community health service centers and health centers and relevant health personnel;

Personnel engaged in health emergency and rescue related industries;

Leaders of enterprises related to health emergency and rescue.

Conference cost standard

Time: October 23 - October 25, 2020 (report for duty on October 23 and leave the meeting on October 25);

Conference fee: 1580 yuan (including conference fee and meal fee), accommodation is arranged in a unified way, and the expenses shall be borne by themselves, and reimbursement shall be made back to the unit; students: 800 yuan (including training fee and data fee), with student ID card, unified accommodation arrangement, and self-care expenses;

Note: register and transfer before October 10, conference fee: 1380 yuan / person

Exhibition introduction

In fighting against the epidemic situation, the people are united, reflecting the national cohesion and rapid response ability,

At the same time, it also reflects a series of deficiencies in China's public health system, medical system and public health awareness

Department. Therefore, the 12th meeting of the Central Committee on deepening reform in an all-round way clearly proposed to improve the national public health emergency response

To optimize the capacity guarantee and regional layout of important emergency materials. Medical devices as public health emergencies

At present, there are still unreasonable regional layout, weak and high ability of independent emergency support

A series of problems, such as insufficient configuration of medical equipment, promote the reform of public health emergency management system in China

Under the situation, the development of medical device industry in various regions is also facing new opportunities and challenges of how to break the regional pattern.

"Healthy China - the 6th Asia Pacific International Conference and Exhibition on health emergency and rescue" will be held in 2020

The exhibition will focus on public health and epidemic prevention, hospital emergency equipment, equipment and prevention

Nursing products, emergency rescue products, emergency rescue drugs, emergency transportation products, emergency intelligent medicine, rescue consultation

Service and other related products and equipment. The 6th Asia Pacific International Conference and Exhibition on health emergency and rescue

We should build an integrated system of new product technology release, achievement display, brand promotion, trade cooperation and academic exchange

Combined service platform, in the form of "combining exhibition with exhibition, leading exhibition with exhibition, Promoting Association by exhibition", is an international and domestic emergency medicine

Hospitals, scholars and enterprises in the field of rescue create multi form, high-level and high-quality interactive communication opportunities. promote

Industry technology development, improve product quality and service, optimize industrial upgrading, and promote China's health emergency and rescue

Industry development, to realize the safe China dream, to build a healthy China to make positive contributions.

Exhibition scope

Public health and epidemic prevention, hospital emergency equipment, health protection products, medical treatment

Equipment and equipment, emergency rescue products and drugs, first aid transportation

Transportation products, emergency intelligent medical treatment, rescue consulting services, etc

Exhibition expenses

Standard booth: 30000 yuan / 9 square meters

(standard configuration: lintel words, inquiry table × 1, folding chair × 2, spotlight × 2, 5A socket × 1, carpet)

Guangdi: 3000 yuan / m2

(the bare floor area is 36 m2, the area does not contain any facilities, and the exhibitor will organize the construction by themselves.

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