2021 Shanghai International Water Treatment Exhibition

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Time 2021-04-20 - 2021-04-22
City Shanghai
Address 2345 Longyang Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai (near Fangdian Road)
Hallname Shanghai New International Expo Center
Sponsor China trade Munich Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
Undertaker China trade Munich Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

2021 Shanghai International Environmental Water Treatment Exhibition

Time: April 20-21, 2021

Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center


China trade Munich Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Munich Expo Group

Chinese society of Environmental Sciences

All China Federation of industry and Commerce Environmental Service Industry Chamber of Commerce

China Renewable Resources Recycling Association

Shanghai Institute of Environmental Sciences

Co Organizer

China Urban Construction Research Institute

Health engineering technology research center of Ministry of housing and urban rural development

Solid waste branch of Chinese society of Environmental Sciences

China Society of desalination and water reuse

Desalination branch of China water conservancy enterprise Association

Shanghai Institute of Environmental Sciences

Foreign cooperation center of Ministry of environmental protection, etc

Mechanical and physical treatment process: separation device system, support, grille and filter

Chemical physical treatment process: deacidification unit, flocculation unit, heat treatment process, electrolytic treatment process, dosing equipment and device, water treatment chemicals, etc

Biochemical treatment process: activated sludge device (system), oxygen aeration device, blower, aeration equipment, denitration device, ultraviolet radiation equipment, chlorination, ozonation device, special bioreactor and other biochemical treatment equipment

Membrane treatment: complete membrane device, reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, microfiltration and ultrafiltration

Sludge and residue treatment: sludge thickening and dewatering, sludge drying, incineration; sludge and residue utilization, biogas recovery and reuse, gas driven engine and compressor, biogas and digestion tank

Water supply and sewerage system

Pipes and pipe fittings, shafts and special structures, manhole steps and ladders, pressure drainage, rainwater collection tanks and fittings, rainwater overflow tanks, rainwater settling tanks, rainwater leakage and retention, rainwater drainage screens, cleaning system of rainwater tanks, protective coatings and materials, drains, vents and breathing valves, control instruments, pipe cutting devices, drinking water tanks- Construction and repair, corrosion protection, sealing, water meter system

Engineering and water conservancy engineering in water resources management

Pump and lifting system, process measurement and control technology, measurement technology, control technology, mechanical device and control technology, electrical installation, transmission engineering, other devices and accessories, aeration equipment for rivers and lakes, anti algae equipment, dredger, polluted water treatment equipment, irrigation and drainage technology, drainage machinery and equipment

Water supply and sewage treatment services, waste recovery and disposal services, logistics, collection and transportation, treatment and classification, utilization and waste treatment, production and marketing of recycled materials, sewer and street cleaning, regional and watershed ecological environment restoration, third party pollution control, consulting and engineering services, management and organization consulting, professional platform and Industrial Park, third party environmental management platform

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