2021 China Jinan whole house customization Exhibition

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Time 2021-09-30 - 2021-09-30
City Zhengzhou
Address Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center
Hallname Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center
Sponsor Henan Xinzhan Exhibition Co., Ltd
Range of exhibits:

Whole house Customization: whole house customization, customized home furnishing, furniture, overall cabinet, overall wardrobe, overall kitchen, sliding door, sliding door, ceiling, partition system, etc;

Whole house decoration: whole house decoration customization system, floor, stairs, doors and windows, integrated whole house customized home, all aluminum home, bedroom system, living room system, dining room system, kitchen system, 3d background wall, ecological diatom mud, etc;

Ceiling: ceiling module, heating module, ventilation module, lighting module, music module, etc;

Integrated wall: aluminum manganese alloy, bamboo and wood fiber, ecological stone, nano fiber and other polymers.

Smart home: smart home control system, intelligent lighting system, home appliance control, balcony clothes hanger, anti-theft alarm, intelligent door lock, home design, heating system, ventilation system, music system, etc.

Production machinery, accessories and raw and auxiliary materials: production machinery, woodworking machinery, carving machinery, cutting tools, hardware, carpets and accessories.

All aluminum furniture: all aluminum wardrobe, all aluminum cabinet, all aluminum shoe cabinet, all aluminum TV cabinet, all aluminum bathroom cabinet, all aluminum bookcase, all aluminum wine cabinet, all aluminum storage cabinet, all aluminum tea table, all aluminum porch cabinet, all aluminum partition, ultrasonic integrated water tank; intelligent all aluminum home, personalized all aluminum home, customized all aluminum home, etc.

All aluminum household aluminum: crystal steel door / plate, indoor swing door, sliding door, cabinet door, cabinet cabinet cabinet body aluminum, aluminum profile, bridge aluminum, aluminum alloy profile, aluminum wood profile, aluminum skirting line, etc.

Such as aluminum wire cutting, aluminum coating, aluminum wire cutting, aluminum coating, aluminum wire processing, etc.

All aluminum home accessories: all aluminum home special corner code, cabinet connection type (lock, three card lock, eccentric lock), sealing plug, hydraulic hinge, drawer slide rail, pulley, etc.

Exhibition expenses:

Standard booth RMB 8800

Bare space: RMB 800 square meters

Person in charge: Li Jinlong

Mobile phone: 150 38 132 68 8

Wechat: 15038132688

Email: 1058459202@ qq.com

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